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Profile Stories

This first link is a profile of Northern Illinois’ quarterback Jordan Lynch, who is in the middle of a season that has gotten Heisman praise. The profile talks about his numbers, and makes obvious comparisons of his style of play to current Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel.

This second link is a  from my favorite (tongue in cheek) people in college football, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer. It’s a tiresome topic about the coach having to balance his life and work in order to avoid another “health scare,” or as we in the state of Georgia call it: “Losing Tim Tebow.”




The Maria Torres Story: Influenced By Her Father, Motivated By Trade Rumors

Maria Torres, a University of Georgia journalism student, does not claim that she knew from the moment she was born that she wanted to write about sports. In fact, it took Torres until her early teens to discover a burning love for baseball that still resides within her today.

Growing up, Torres’ father was always a big baseball fan. He rooted for the Yankees, and Torres justifies this by saying he roots for the brand, not the team in which she is not too fond of today. But when her dad was engulfed in the 2003 World Series between “his” Yankees and the Florida Marlins, Torres discovered that there was something there that sirened her towards the draw of the sport.

Giddy about her new passion, Torres found herself in uncharted territory.

“It was never really on my radar,” Torres said. “I did not play sports growing up, as my parents never really emphasized that, and I never really thought about watching sports on television.”

But it was too late. A passion was quickly struck for the hometown baseball team, the Atlanta Braves, and particularly for one of their better players: Andruw Jones.

So when Jones trade talks heated up in 2006, Torres got her first taste of interacting with the baseball media, calling into a radio show to voice her opinion on the rumors.

“I wrote it down, and knew exactly what I was going to say,” Torres said. “I just went off on a tangent on how I did not want him gone because he helped the Braves go from the 90s funk that they got through, all the way to 2006, and helped the Braves along. I was insistent on the fact that they could not trade him!”

Today, Torres finds herself in a sports writing class within the Grady College of Journalism at UGA, and covers the women’s softball team for the school paper, the Red & Black.

Torres continues to bond with her father through the game of baseball, as they are able to relate the sport to any other life conversations that may come up along the way.

“We talk about sports stuff,” Torres said. “My dad is my go-to for anything, whenever I am having a crisis for anything with journalism and sports.  I learned from him what I know about baseball.”



Northern Illinois Must Continue Winning Big In Hopes of BCS

The Northern Illinois Huskies beat the Eastern Michigan Eagles to the tune of 59-20 this past Saturday. And if the Huskies have plans of returning to a BCS bowl in 2013, the blowout wins must continue.

In the most recent BCS standings, the Northern Illinois Huskies have moved up to No. 17, just one spot away from the automatic bid into a BCS bowl, assuming they can hold on from there.

The BCS mandates that if a team from a non-automatic qualifying conference were to be ranked in the top 16, they are to receive a bid to a BCS game. This is how the Huskies got a berth into the Orange Bowl last season, and seemingly how they will repeat as “BCS buster” again in 2013.

With a weak schedule, the Huskies will need to rely on the play making abilities of senior quarterback Jordan Lynch, who set an all-time college football record for rushing yards by a running back with a 316 yard performance against Central Michigan on October 19th.

As strength of schedule will begin to play a big part in the movement up and down the BCS poll, the Huskies will now need to rely on unofficial, and unrecorded “style points” in order to make a move into the high-paying BCS qualifying spot.

Expect to see Lynch keep his foot on the gas from here forward, as putting up massive points in addition to winning will be the difference in playing in a bowl game for several hundred thousand dollars, and several million dollars.

It should be a great stretch to be a Northern Illinois fan.

2nd Day Post: With Louisville Loss, Northern Illinois Primed to Crash BCS; Again

Northern Illinois’ chances of making a BCS bowl game for the second year in a row got some big-time help when Louisville lost to Central Florida this past week.

This 2nd day article from the MAC conference blog from SB Nation does a great job at detailing exactly what needs to happen in order for Northern Illinois to make a second trip to one of the high-paying games.

I liked this article because it did not dwell much on the happenings of this past weekend, but quickly demanded focus on what is next, and how the briefly given details of what just happened, directly affect what happens next.

A Newfound Running Game Proves Ohio State Belongs In The Top Five

This past Saturday, the No. 4 Ohio State Buckeyes proved that they belong near the top of the national polls when it knocked off the No. 16 Northwestern Wildcats on the road in front of a national audience.

The Buckeyes (6-0, 2-0) dropped in the polls after starting the season ranked No. 2 when they gave up big points to both Buffalo and California earlier this season. The Buckeyes also lost their starting quarterback, Braxton Miller, for nearly three full games, leaving speculation as to how their high-powered offense would fair without him.

But it was not necessarily Miller who vaulted the Buckeyes back into the national championship conversation after defeating Northwestern (4-1, 0-1). In an offensive exhibition this past Saturday, senior running back Carlos Hyde ran the ball 26 times for 168 yards and three touchdowns.

With the emergence of Hyde, who was suspended the first three games of the season for “conduct not representative of the football program or the university,” as described by head coach Urban Meyer, the Buckeyes are now much more balanced in their offensive attack that was previously dominated by the arm and legs of Miller.

Everything is now clicking for the Buckeye’s offense. As the trend seems to go this year across the national college football landscape, Ohio State should not worry about giving up points, as much as other teams should have to worry about scoring more than Ohio State.