Michigan Emerges as Ohio State’s Biggest Big Ten Threat

Anybody who watched the four-letter network all summer long may have been brainwashed into believing that Ohio State had a clear path to the Big Ten title, and a likely trip to Pasadena to face Alabama in the BCS Championship game. But after the dismantling of a highly ranked Notre Dame team this past Saturday night, Michigan has solidified themselves as a legitimate threat to challenge Ohio State for the Big Ten crown.

Without the duel threat of Denard Robinson returning to keep opposing defenses on their toes, the identity of this new Michigan team has been in question. Not anymore. Junior quarterback Devin Gardner has thus far proven worthy of filling the (untied) shoes that Robinson left behind in Ann Arbor. In the first two games of this 2013 season, Gardner has gone 31-48 with 456 yards, 5 TDs and 3 INTs. In addition, Gardner has shown glimpses of Denard Robinson-like movement while rushing the ball 18 times for 144 yards in his first two games as a starter.

Michigan, now ranked eleventh in the AP Poll, will have plenty of tests before facing off with Big Ten favorite, and fourth ranked Ohio State. With no immediate threats until November, the Wolverines should be hitting their stride before entering the gauntlet of the Big Ten’s best. A trip to Michigan State on November 2nd will only be a warmup before facing (what should be) back-to-back ranked teams with Nebraska at home and then traveling to face Northwestern the following week. All this is only a prelude to what is shaping up to be another epic showdown when the Michigan fans (do not) welcome Ohio State into Ann Arbor.

So while only a few short weeks ago, many had penciled in Ohio State as a shoe-in for the Big Ten Title, the team that Buckeye fans least want to keep them from their crown has indeed emerged as its biggest threat. The rivalry game set for November 30th at Michigan between the Wolverines and the Buckeyes will be extra sweet or extra sour for fans of either team in 2013. And college football as a whole can consider themselves winners because of it.

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3 thoughts on “Michigan Emerges as Ohio State’s Biggest Big Ten Threat

  1. raleighh

    This is a good blog post with lots of information. It’s agreeable that Michigan and Ohio State will be the teams at the end going at it for the Big 10 ten title. Neither team has impressed or elicited dominance in the early part of the season, especially Michigan who just recently had to create a goal line stand to defeat a non automatic qualifier school. There are a couple things in this that could be improved, one of which is the spelling of “dual.” You spelled it “duel” as in a fight, so just watch the spelling on tricky words like that. Additionally, people love making jabs at the “four letter network”, and while they do play favorites constantly and to the point of exhausting those favorites they play, bringing it up in a blog post is probably a little much. Great story outside of that.

  2. crstroh

    Really good blog post with good links. I personally feel like the Big Ten has potential for big upsets this season, and Michigan would absolutely be a candidate for that. I really like how you went through the schedule and put into perspective how things could play out throughout the Big Ten, specifically for Michigan.
    I agree with Jake that maybe “brainwashed” wasn’t the best word choice for your first sentence. Minor detail though.
    Personally, I use parenthetical inclusions very sparingly. I would just suggest trying to put the extra inserts into the sentence using a different construction or word order.

  3. jleber10

    I think this is a very good blog post. I think the links supplement the story well. I couldn’t find any major problems, so these two suggestions are minor.
    1. Try to avoid starting sentences with the conjunctions “and, but, so,” etc. They should be used for combining points in a single sentence (I am guilty of this myself.)
    2. I think that the first sentence comes off as condescending. It sounds like you are insulting the intelligence of your readers, calling them “brainwashed” for watching or listening to ESPN. I think you can make it sound more neutral while making the same argument,


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