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Good Profiles on the MAC/Big Ten Beat

I feel like this is a cop-out because Suggs sent us this link, but I really enjoyed this profile on Urban Meyer.  I like how he opened with a specific scene who’s theme resonated throughout the entire article:  Meyer’s struggle to balance coaching and home life.  The language Thompson uses is very descriptive and paints a clear picture (though I will criticize one thing….Ashtabula is not “right up the road” from Columbus.  Its about 3 hours away.)  Sometimes I think Thompson can be overly flowerly, but I think he is right on point in this one.

I read this article a few years ago on Denard Robinson and thought it was a great piece.  The structure is perfect; the story alternates between the snapshot of Robinson’s family watching him from from their garage to a chronological account of his football career.  Also, you really get a sense of how important his success is not only to his family, but the entire community.  (You might need to click on the pictures of the actual magazine story…for some reason, it cuts off on the last page.)


Profile Stories

This first link is a profile of Northern Illinois’ quarterback Jordan Lynch, who is in the middle of a season that has gotten Heisman praise. The profile talks about his numbers, and makes obvious comparisons of his style of play to current Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel.

This second link is a  from my favorite (tongue in cheek) people in college football, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer. It’s a tiresome topic about the coach having to balance his life and work in order to avoid another “health scare,” or as we in the state of Georgia call it: “Losing Tim Tebow.”



Second big 10 profile link by Raleigh Harbin

Raleigh Harbin

Once again the lede makes readers want to read further into this article. The overall premise, which speaks of Nebraska freshman quarterback Tommy Armstrong and how he is already a leader in his first year is something that naturally draws a reader into a story from the start. The article goes in-depth about the player’s statistics but also highlights Armstrong’s personality, demeanor and confidence on the field and culminates into another strong piece.

First big 10 link Raleigh Harbin

This is a good profile on Nebraska defensive lineman Randy Gregory because the lede contains a comparison between one of the most dominant  defensive lineman in recent years, Suh, and Gregory who leads the big 10 in sacks and tackles for loss. Not only has Gregory made a name for himself, but he’s gone beyond that by dominating when it matters most. This article highlights a key moment in Gregory’s young career and moves beyond his stats, talking about Gregory’s sack on Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner in the waning moments of Nebraska’s 17-13 victory at Michigan.

Lynch and Miller Profiles

SI took a really cool approach to a profile and paralleled the lives of Jordan Lynch and Donovan McNabb. This article goes beyond the obvious of Jordan Lynch and talks about some really interesting parts of his high school career.

Though this is a little shorter, I thought this was a fairly good profile piece on Braxton Miller. It has more of an advance feel because of it’s length and timeliness, but because it’s written about Miller and his relevance, I thought it was a pretty good example of a profile piece.

Northern Illinois Must Continue Winning Big In Hopes of BCS

The Northern Illinois Huskies beat the Eastern Michigan Eagles to the tune of 59-20 this past Saturday. And if the Huskies have plans of returning to a BCS bowl in 2013, the blowout wins must continue.

In the most recent BCS standings, the Northern Illinois Huskies have moved up to No. 17, just one spot away from the automatic bid into a BCS bowl, assuming they can hold on from there.

The BCS mandates that if a team from a non-automatic qualifying conference were to be ranked in the top 16, they are to receive a bid to a BCS game. This is how the Huskies got a berth into the Orange Bowl last season, and seemingly how they will repeat as “BCS buster” again in 2013.

With a weak schedule, the Huskies will need to rely on the play making abilities of senior quarterback Jordan Lynch, who set an all-time college football record for rushing yards by a running back with a 316 yard performance against Central Michigan on October 19th.

As strength of schedule will begin to play a big part in the movement up and down the BCS poll, the Huskies will now need to rely on unofficial, and unrecorded “style points” in order to make a move into the high-paying BCS qualifying spot.

Expect to see Lynch keep his foot on the gas from here forward, as putting up massive points in addition to winning will be the difference in playing in a bowl game for several hundred thousand dollars, and several million dollars.

It should be a great stretch to be a Northern Illinois fan.

Previewing Penn. State vs. Ohio State in the horse shoe By Raleigh Harbin

Two Big 10 powerhouses are set to meet in Columbus, Ohio this Saturday at 8 p.m. as the Penn State Nittany Lions are heading up to meet Ohio State in the horse shoe. Penn State (4-2, 1-1 Big 10) and Ohio State (7-0, 3-0 Big 10) are set to clash in what looks like a statistically even match up. Ohio State has braved quarterback issues so far this season, as junior quarterback Braxton Miller has struggled with injuries and backup Kenny Guiton spelled Miller and played well in the process. Nevertheless, Miller and senior tailback Carlos Hyde man the backfield in an Ohio State offense that’s averaging 45 points per game. While some might consider the Buckeyes’ schedule a bit weak, Ohio State has overcome some issues within the team to keep the wins rolling through Columbus, and the Buckeyes will look to do so against a Penn State squad who has been surprisingly competitive the past two seasons following the NCAA sanctions stemming back to the Sandusky scandal. The Nittany Lions are averaging 33 points per game, and freshman quarterback Christian Hackenberg has actually outplayed Miller statistically, throwing for 17 touchdowns and nearly 1,700 yards to Miller who has thrown for 831 yards and nine touchdowns. While it appears that Ohio State should win this game based on talent and depth, the Nittany Lions are headed into the contest coming off a huge win at home against Michigan in quadruple overtime, so Penn State will be playing with a high level of confidence and will not lay down easily to the Buckeyes.