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Good Advances of Big 12 and Big East Games

Frogs want to make statement against Red Raiders” is a good advance of the Texas Christian University versus Texas Tech game because it states all the facts readers would want to know about the game. Matt Jennings tells the reader what some of TCU’s goals are for the game, what Texas Tech is going to bring to the game and some of the key players on the team that will need to shine in order for the Horned Frogs to win. It also includes the simple information such as game time and day, TV channel and some key stats for both teams from the season so far.

This advance of Central Florida’s game at Penn State is a different type of advance from the one above. This piece is more of an analysis of the different parts of the two teams and how they will stand up to each other at this weekend’s game. Paul Tenorio writes about some key players, how the defenses stack up and some important stats from the season so far. Unlike the story above, there are no quotes or opinions from outside sources like players or coaches. This piece is all about the basic facts and getting down to who technically has the edge.