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SEC Profiles

The Red & Black’s profile on Georgia Cornerback Shaq Wiggins parallels the Allison Schmidt profile we read in class the other day by picking a personal aspect of the athlete to delve into his distinct personality before going into his actual athletic prowess. Shirkey, however, maintains the focus on Wiggins’ personality throughout the article, sprinkling in stats and analysis of his play in-between smack talk and team camaraderie anecdotes.

Seth Emerson’s profiling¬†of Auburn Quarterback Nick Marshall’s “turning point” after being dismissed from the University of Georgia for theft was a great first part. However, the conclusion is left out. We are told how he fell from grace and overcame his mistake, but we are left to find out for ourselves how he is at Auburn or how he feels about the journey. But, this profile has a very good lede (similar to some of Prof. Suggs examples in class on Tuesday) and details his journey to UGA, his dismissal, his renewing talk with his high school coach and his transfer to Garden City Community College. More details and interviews about what happened after his stay at Garden City would make this a great profile.


Auburn upsets the Aggies in College Station

Ryan Black’s second day story on the Tigers’ 45-41 road upset of Texas A&M starts with an off the wall comparison of first-year Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall to Heisman Trophy winner and BCS National Champion Cam Newton. And, while the evidence backing up the comparison isn’t too substantial -Marshall being a balanced rushing and passing quarterback and being the first Tiger QB to have a 200 passing and 100 rushing game since Newton, Marshall has brought Auburn out of the SEC basement and into the national spotlight much like the current Carolina Panther QB did in 2010. Black brings up an important dichotomy later in the story which I see as the most important angle: the Tigers already have twice as many wins than they did last year. And looking ahead to their remaining schedule, Auburn could easily finish 10-2 if they keep playing the way they have so far. He even says the Tigers may be a threat to the No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide. Now, I wouldn’t go as far to suggest that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened.