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AFC Profiles

Although Steelers’ linebacker Jarvis Jones is no longer playing for the University of Georgia, this ESPN profile reveals the obstacles Jones went through just to get an opportunity to play football again.  It’s a great story to a year later because it shows how hard he worked and overcame adversity to get drafted 17th overall in last year’s draft.

Another great, inspirational profile is on Titan’s Tommie Campbell.  It was a great read about how he struggled in academics and let his dreams of playing in the NFL slip away but got back on his feet after being a janitor to support his two children.


Good Profiles on the MAC/Big Ten Beat

I feel like this is a cop-out because Suggs sent us this link, but I really enjoyed this profile on Urban Meyer.  I like how he opened with a specific scene who’s theme resonated throughout the entire article:  Meyer’s struggle to balance coaching and home life.  The language Thompson uses is very descriptive and paints a clear picture (though I will criticize one thing….Ashtabula is not “right up the road” from Columbus.  Its about 3 hours away.)  Sometimes I think Thompson can be overly flowerly, but I think he is right on point in this one.

I read this article a few years ago on Denard Robinson and thought it was a great piece.  The structure is perfect; the story alternates between the snapshot of Robinson’s family watching him from from their garage to a chronological account of his football career.  Also, you really get a sense of how important his success is not only to his family, but the entire community.  (You might need to click on the pictures of the actual magazine story…for some reason, it cuts off on the last page.)

Profile Homework Posts

Jarvis Jones profile: I’ve posted this before, because it is one of my favorite articles. A bit on the shorter side, I enjoyed this article because it showed the turmoil that Jones had sustained. It showed what he’s accomplished in contrast. Although, Jones’ neck injury was a big deal going into the draft this took the injury and placed among all the other turmoil he dealt with and made a profile.

Ray Drew profile: I read this profile before I even knew what profiles were. My history teacher who was also the football coach passed out an article about Ray Drew and the fact that he was a pastor the week we played Thomas County Central in the playoffs. It was interesting because it took a look at his life outside of football in another area where he is passionate, ministering.


The first piece I’m linking to is written by Lou Somogyi for Blue and Gold Illustrated about a little-known record now held by Notre Dame receiver TJ Jones. It’s not a typical profile in that it doesn’t see Jones through a story. Instead, it just focuses on his stats and the context of their importance. But I chose it because I thought it was a different way to do a profile on your beat, something other than the typical “from hero to zero” idea.

I chose a more standard profile by the Fresno Bee’s Bryant-Jon Anteola, this one about Fresno State’s freshman Jamal Ellis. It’s very typical in that it is the story of a player growing up on the field, but it stands out to me because Anteola uses game action in the text, which is something I guess I hadn’t considered doing before. He describes what Ellis did against San Diego State on a very deep level and how he improved for the game against Nevada.

ACC Profile

Amidst all the Jameis Winston hype and now possible controversy, I stumbled upon this profile on Winston by one of my personal favorites, Andy Staples. The piece does a great job humanizing the quarterback, who many may just refer to in terms of great plays and statistics. Winston’s personality has shined this season, but this story highlights his unwavering will to win and how it drove him to change his career path from podiatry to professional athlete.

2 Good Profiles on Pac-12 Beat

The first profile I found is titled The Rise and Fall of Lane Kiffin. The article effectively employs a lede that sets the scene to the unexpected hiring of Lane Kiffin to USC. Even though we cannot use first person, I feel that the author effectively uses “I” in telling the story of Kiffin’s rise and fall. Using “I” plays to the emotions of his audience. By using “I”, readers felt like the author expressed their own personal opinions as USC fans that were also fed up with Kiffin’s lackluster play calling and leadership.

Another profile I thought was very good was titled Foam FInger: Goodbye, Lane Kiffin. I enjoyed the article and I liked the comedic approach the author used. He presented the same information as other articles on the same topic but his article had undeniable voice and tone. He structured the story well by providing a backstory and chronology.  It was informative for people that are unfamiliar with Kiffin’s coaching history yet entertaining enough for people that are. familiar with his coaching history

NFC Blog Profiles

The first player profile I chose was on the colorful Carolina Panther defensive tackle Greg Hardy.  I liked it because it seems like nowadays the talented NFL defensive tackles have mean streaks, but Hardy shows you can still show respect for the opposition.  The writer also does a good job using some solid quotes from Hardy, which I was interested in hearing.

The next one is on New Orleans’ kicker Garrett Hartley and the struggles he’s had this year.  I like it because you can tell Hartley knows he’s struggled but remains confident, at least that’s the type of attitude I felt through the author’s quotes and commentary.  Also, you kinda feel for Hartley and all kickers, they’re easily replaceable…