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SEC Profiles

One profile that I liked was this article on Sports Illustrated about Johnny Manziel. This article talked about how Manziel has to deal with the newfound fame that he gained following his winning the Heisman. I liked the way that this article was written, giving insight into what Manziel aspires to achieve and showing the “bucket list” that he created of all of these things that he wants to do. I also like how it address some the scandals that Manziel was involved in but it doesn’t make up the majority of the content for the story.

Another profile that I liked looked at Cam Newton and talked about how his past at the University of Florida was a factor that made way for his future success at Auburn University. I liked that the article looked at what contributed to Newton’s wanting to leave Florida following his arrest and suspension. I also liked that it talked about his time playing at a junior college rather than the whole focus just being on his arrest and on his- then- current success at Auburn and how it just sets the stage for how he became successful rather than purely on his success.


Sam Lack profile

When a hobby turns into a passion

By Nicole Castrellon

Sam Lack has a passion for sports. But he is not passionate about just any sport, he’s the most passionate about baseball. This much is evident when he talks about what made him want to get involved with sports. Being a major fan of the Atlanta Braves and the Houston Astros, Sam has followed baseball closely since he was a young boy and it has contributed to how he views the game. “One thing that I definitely like about sports as a whole is how people handle themselves on and off the field especially.” Said Sam, “So I think that the Braves franchise has always done a really good job of handling its players and its players always representing its team and city really well. It’s very admirable.”

Growing up with two older brothers held its influences over Sam, as what sports he watched and even played were dependent on what his brothers were also partaking in. “Sports was always a significant part of their life so therefore it became a significant part of my life. Whatever sport or team they followed, I followed, whether it be professionally or collegiate. I also liked to compete in the same sports as they did.” Baseball came out on top of Sam’s favorite sports however as it has become the one sport that he follows the closest. “Without a doubt baseball comes first.” Sam said when asked about his favorite sports teams.

Sam’s favorite sports memory involves baseball with a visit to see the Houston Astros play when he was younger. The stadium had just been built and at the time it was called Enron Field (it is now Minute Maid Park), drawing a sold out crowd along with Sam, his brothers, and his grandparents. “Sharing that experience with so many other people was definitely an exciting experience and a cool experience. It is something that I will always cherish for the rest of my life.”

How have sports impacted Sam’s career choice? Well he says that the culture of the Braves franchise has made a lasting impact on how he views sports based on the type of team that they are. “I think that wanting to be a sports reporter is definitely a part of the fact that I just have always followed the Braves. They’re an exciting team to watch and that they always, in general, they create a lot of emotion and they’re not just a boring team.”

Sam wants to turn this passion that he has developed in following Braves baseball and the culture that he has grown up around with his brothers to be evident in his work when he eventually does become a sports reporter.

“It starts off as a hobby and then it turns into your passion.”

Missouri Tigers: On the road to the BCS

Last season the Missouri Tigers were the new kids on the block in their first season as a part of the SEC. They had a less than impressive first year as they finished with a 5-7 record. Coming into the 2013 season there were no thoughts on the tigers and what they could accomplish in their second season in this conference, up until they started to win and taking down other SEC teams, making them major contenders for a national title in just their second year in the conference.

The dramatic turn of events in the SEC East have shaken things up in the conference as teams who were expected to have tremendous seasons have risen and fallen, leaving no one to expect the current outcome. With a 7-0 record currently the Tigers are at the head the SEC East, looking poised to head to Atlanta for the SEC Championship if they continue to play at the level that they have been playing at this season and win games.

The Tigers took two major wins helping them with their AP Poll placement after knocking out No. 7 Georgia and then No. 22 Florida. Those two wins helped the Tigers jump from 14th to 5th in the newest AP standings, which was the most surprisingly development as the Tigers came in unranked to start the season off and were only ranked No. 25 going into week 7.

The Tigers are also sitting at No.5 in the first BCS rankings that came out earlier this week, putting them in great position to either compete for the championship or to get a BCS bowl game. The question that remains is just how good this Missouri team is and if they can continue their dream season with a few tough games still left on their schedule in the coming weeks.

The Tigers are continuing to play at a high level despite losing their starting quarterback James Franklin for the rest of the regular season with backup quarterback Maty Mauk now stepping up to the plate to help the Tigers continue on their winning streak.

The Tigers still have to take on South Carolina, Ole Miss, and Texas A&M before they can claim success over the East and possibly within the BCS. However the team looks poised to do so as they are currently not allowing more than 28 points to be scored on them and they are second in SEC rushing offense, coming in just behind Auburn.

Aaron Murray Continues to Cement Legacy

The main question surrounding Georgia’s quarterback Aaron Murray lately has been where he ranks amongst the greatest quarterbacks in the SEC, especially when he had been deemed “unclutch” in previous seasons for his seemingly inability to win big games against top 10 ranked teams. So far this season he has already beaten two top 10 teams (South Carolina and LSU),putting his critics on the matter to rest.

This year Murray has the chance to break multiple records around the SEC. Analysts have been keeping tabs of the records that Murray is currently on track to break, and when it is the most likely that he will break these records.

So far this season Murray has already managed to established himself as the new record holder for career passing yards in the SEC, with 11,625 passing yards, in their game against Tennessee on Oct. 5, bypassing former UGA quarterback David Greene who had 11,528 yards. The game against Tennessee not only gave Murray a record title but it also gave him the ability to show that he is big-time in any game situation, cementing his legacy in what some are saying was his showing as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the SEC of all-time.

However other analysts have been pointing to the fact that Murray has yet to win any titles as the key element that is now holding him back from that consideration.

Murray has also broke a school record in Georgia’s game against North Texas on Sept. 21, throwing a 98-yard touchdown to freshman Reggie Davis, making it the longest score in school history. That throw was also his 100th passing touchdown of his career. Murray is now sitting with 106 passing touchdowns, putting him on track to cut down Florida’s Danny Wuerffel record of 114 touchdowns by the end of the season.

Murray still has plenty of time left in the season to continue to “cement his legacy” further and to keep breaking records around the SEC. There is also still time for Murray to win those titles that have alluded him for some time. Only Murray has the power in his hands to accomplish anything that he wants to for the remainder of Georgia’s season.