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Northern Illinois Must Continue Winning Big In Hopes of BCS

The Northern Illinois Huskies beat the Eastern Michigan Eagles to the tune of 59-20 this past Saturday. And if the Huskies have plans of returning to a BCS bowl in 2013, the blowout wins must continue.

In the most recent BCS standings, the Northern Illinois Huskies have moved up to No. 17, just one spot away from the automatic bid into a BCS bowl, assuming they can hold on from there.

The BCS mandates that if a team from a non-automatic qualifying conference were to be ranked in the top 16, they are to receive a bid to a BCS game. This is how the Huskies got a berth into the Orange Bowl last season, and seemingly how they will repeat as “BCS buster” again in 2013.

With a weak schedule, the Huskies will need to rely on the play making abilities of senior quarterback Jordan Lynch, who set an all-time college football record for rushing yards by a running back with a 316 yard performance against Central Michigan on October 19th.

As strength of schedule will begin to play a big part in the movement up and down the BCS poll, the Huskies will now need to rely on unofficial, and unrecorded “style points” in order to make a move into the high-paying BCS qualifying spot.

Expect to see Lynch keep his foot on the gas from here forward, as putting up massive points in addition to winning will be the difference in playing in a bowl game for several hundred thousand dollars, and several million dollars.

It should be a great stretch to be a Northern Illinois fan.


2nd Day Post: With Louisville Loss, Northern Illinois Primed to Crash BCS; Again

Northern Illinois’ chances of making a BCS bowl game for the second year in a row got some big-time help when Louisville lost to Central Florida this past week.

This 2nd day article from the MAC conference blog from SB Nation does a great job at detailing exactly what needs to happen in order for Northern Illinois to make a second trip to one of the high-paying games.

I liked this article because it did not dwell much on the happenings of this past weekend, but quickly demanded focus on what is next, and how the briefly given details of what just happened, directly affect what happens next.