Northern Illinos Looks To Pickup Where They Left Off in 2013

Perhaps the feelgood story of the 2011 college football season was the Northern Illinois Husky fans getting the opportunity to escape their regionally cold winter for a few weeks and drive down to Miami to watch their team take on the Florida State Seminoles in the Orange Bowl. In 2013, the boys from Northern Illinois look to prove that last season was no fluke.

Northern Illinois is a hot team that should certainly feel confident going into their first test of the season Saturday against the Big Ten’s Iowa Hawkeyes. Winners of 21 of its last 23 games, the Huskies are returning all five of their offensive line starters from 2012 to protect breakout star quarterback Jordan Lynch.

These same two teams met at the beginning of the 2012 season, resulting in what would be the Huskies’ only regular season loss. The Hawkeyes of Iowa were able shut out the Huskies in the fourth quarter while scoring the final nine points to administer a heartbreaking 18-17 loss.

Revenge will undoubtedly be on the minds of Norther Illinois this Saturday. Though a BCS bowl was obtained last season, the doubters will surely be out in full force trying to discredit them from day one. If the Huskies can beat a Big Ten team in early September, then march into their Mid-American schedule with both confidence and a chip on their shoulder, look for them to be in the talks once again when it comes to divvying out bids to the bowls that pay the big bucks come December.

If all goes according to plan, Norther Illinois fans can plan on pulling out the shorts around New Years Day, again.

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3 thoughts on “Northern Illinos Looks To Pickup Where They Left Off in 2013

  1. raleighh

    1. The NIU Huskies played FSU in the Orange Bowl in 2012, not 2011, your first sentence has the Huskies as having played FSU in 2011, but it was last year. Also, this isn’t a big thing, but I would reiterate that NIU and Iowa as second reference because you started a new sentence and a new paragraph in the blog.
    2. I liked the ending using the indirect reference to the Huskies going to the Orange Bowl for the second straight year. Also, the blog works well because of your engaging commentary. This blog is a very good example of the struggles that a MAC team deals with, as you emphasized the lack of respect these teams get on a yearly basis.

  2. jleber10

    I like that you have a distinct, defined voice in your writing. Also, I admire the fact that you took on the smaller conference. There are a few grammatical errors (Northern Illinois is spelled wrong in the title….feel-good is seperated by a hyphen), but nothing major. As a whole, I would try to balance the amount of formal writing and slang in your writing. It comes off as a little to amateur. Good post overall.

  3. crstroh

    Great depth on Northern Illinois football. It should be an interesting to see where they end up at the end of the season, and looking at their history shows just how “hot” this team is. I really like that you included a link to Jordan Lynch; it’s helpful to find out a little more about him since he isn’t a super well-known QB.
    Editor’s Comments: I think you meant “…201[2] college football season…” in the first sentence; small typo, but it just caught my attention. I really liked your take on this, especially your perspective on the MAC-BigTen matchup. It’s definitely a fresh take on the tired old story of the Big Ten picking on the MAC like a bullying big brother.


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