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Why Do We Love Sports?: Katrina Rushing

If you ask a sports fan why they love sports, they will probably tell you about the moment that first grabbed their attention. It could be Michael Jordan’s flu game, the Olympics when the U.S. hockey team defeated Canada, or John Elway’s “the Drive.” For Katrina Rushing, it was a Georgia women’s basketball game when she was four years old.

“When I went to my first Lady Dogs game as a kid, I had an amazing view,” she said. “I would watch the different players, their artistry and how they did their layups. I fell in love with it, and it made me want to play, especially since there weren’t many women players in the league.”

The Lady Bulldogs have produced plenty of stars. Players like Teresa Edwards, four-time Olympic gold medal winner who was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, and Janet Harris, who was the first NCAA women’s basketball player to earn 2,500 points and 1,250 rebounds, have made the Bulldogs one of the best women’s college teams in the past.

For Rushing, it was former Lady Bulldog and Detroit Shock player Deanna Nolan who inspired her to pick up a basketball. The Athens, Ga. native began to play pickup games with the guys in her neighborhood, and she went out for her middle school team, playing every position except point guard. She then went on to play for her high school team, the Cedar Shoals Jaguars.

Now, Rushing’s life has come full circle as she manages the team she once grew up idolizing, the Lady Bulldogs. She  is currently a junior at The University of Georgia where she studies Sports Management and Public Relations. She names the Atlanta Dream and Miami Heat as her favorite professional teams, and her dream job is to coach the WNBA or work in Public Relations with the NBA.


Boise State suffers huge loss despite crucial win

The Boise State Broncos pulled off a crucial 34-17 win against the Nevada Wolf Pack this past Saturday at home in Boise, ID. However, the win did not come without a cost. Boise State’s quarterback Joe Southwick left the game with a broken ankle in the first quarter. After losing him, the Broncos had to rely on their backup quarterback Grant Hedrick and their defense to overcome an early Nevada lead.

Nevada opened with a 3-0 lead on a 33-yard field goal by Brent Zuzo and headed into halftime leading 17-7. Despite the early deficit and loss of Southwick, the Broncos were finally able to pull away in the third with their defense and 557 yards of total offense. However, though Hedrick and the team were able to conquer the play by Nevada, there is no doubt that the Broncos will miss Southwick.

Southwick has a raw QB Rating of 82.4 and is 149-206 this season for 1,589 yards and 11 touchdowns. In the game against Utah State, he was 30-44 for 335 yards. The initial ruling following his ankle injury was that he would be out for the remainder of the season. However, head coach Chris Peterson claims that it is possible for Southwick to return this season.

With an injury like this, athletes can expect to be out for at least 9-12 weeks, so it could be wishing thinking that Southwick really will return. Whether he returns or not, Hedrick and co. will have to step up big time in his absence to continue the team’s hot season.

The Nevada game definitely showed promise, as Hedrick and running back Jay Ajayi accounted for 337 yards alone. With Southwick gone, it will be interesting to see how the remainder of the Broncos’ season will play out.

Notre Dame second-day story

I enjoyed this story on the Notre Dame ESPN blog about Tommy Rees because it shows why Rees is important to Notre Dame’s offense. I like how the story is written in a snarky/sarcastic way and made everyone who doubted Rees regret what they’ve said about him. Notre Dame’s offense was brutal in the game against USC, and I like that Matt Fortuna showed that Rees is a major reason why and how the fans should be more appreciative of him.

ACL tears plague collegiate football

The ACL injury bug has been making its way around college football heavily over this season. The latest victims are Utah State’s starting quarterback Chuckie Keeton and Boise State’s running back Aaron Baltazar. Keeton and Baltazar now join the likes of Georgia players Malcolm Mitchell, Keith Marshall, and Justin Scott-Wesley.

With so many promising players out with season-ending knee injuries, it puts a strain on the possibilities of this season. Prior to the injuries, Keeton was in the running for the Heisman and Baltazar was the second-leading rusher for Boise State with 234 yards. Georgia’s national title hopes are on the line with Mitchell, Marshall, and Scott-Wesley out.

Injuries are of course inevitable in sports, but with such a high number of them this season, it takes away from the excitement. Fans of these teams are distraught and, if they have disappointing seasons, they will be constantly wondering what could have been had these players been healthy.

Not only are these injuries disappointing for fans, but they’re heartbreaking for the players themselves. Take Georgia’s Michael Bennett for example. He suffered a season-ending ACL tear last season and is suffering yet another knee injury from this past weekend in Georgia’s win over Tennessee. Now Bennett will have two seasons in a row down the drain. If Georgia does not win the title this year, it could weigh heavily on him, and if the Bulldogs do win, it could hurt him since he didn’t get a chance to be a part of it.

Like I said before, injuries are no surprise when you’re dealing with contact sports. However, when they are happening to young, budding athletes whose futures in football depend on their four or so years in school, it can be pretty disheartening.

Fresno State making noise in the polls

The Mountain West is finally getting some recognition thanks to Fresno State. After a thrilling win over their Boise State rivals for the Milk Can, the Bulldogs have now entered the AP poll at No.25. Up until this past weekend, Boise State owned the trophy every year since 2006. However, the Bulldogs pulled out a 41-40 win to bring the trophy back to Bulldog Stadium for the second time since the trophy was added to the rivalry back in 2005.

Fresno State has been fighting its way into the polls since the season started. Last week, the team entered the USA Today poll at No.25 with 75 points and is now ranked No.23. In the AP poll, which is considered more prevalent, the Bulldogs have entered with 110 points, just 21 shy of passing both Texas Tech and Wisconsin.

The Mountain West is a conference with several talented teams. However, with dominant forces like the SEC getting most of the attention, the conference doesn’t get the consideration that it should. Outside of Fresno State, teams like Boise State, UNLV, Utah State and Wyoming are off to pretty decent starts. With its lack of recognition, it is easy forget that the Mountain West is producing some noteworthy success.

With the Bulldogs sneaking their way into the spotlight, this can lead to more teams from the conference possibly following their lead. Hopefully a fire will be ignited, causing the other guys to play harder and fight for their turn in the limelight as well.