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Two Good Blogs From The MWC


This first post is by Mike Rose from the blog Mountain West Connection. I liked this article because it builds up the San Diego State come from behind very well while also keeping to the theme of what’s next for the Aztecs behind their walk-on quarterback, Quinn Kahler. It hints on SDSU’s weaknesses and lets the reader know what SDSU really does need to work on if they want to become bowl eligible after an 0-3 start.


In another article from the blog Mountain West Connection, writer Jeremy Mauss looks into MWC member Fresno State’s biggest mid-major competition: Northern Illinois. The article focuses a lot on NIU’s star quarterback Jordan Lynch, and I like how Mauss approached the subject of Lynch with a touch of humor with the memes and gifs he added. Sometimes a blog post needs a little something to make it a great post and I think Mauss really nailed this one for that reason.


The Maria Torres Story: Influenced By Her Father, Motivated By Trade Rumors

Maria Torres, a University of Georgia journalism student, does not claim that she knew from the moment she was born that she wanted to write about sports. In fact, it took Torres until her early teens to discover a burning love for baseball that still resides within her today.

Growing up, Torres’ father was always a big baseball fan. He rooted for the Yankees, and Torres justifies this by saying he roots for the brand, not the team in which she is not too fond of today. But when her dad was engulfed in the 2003 World Series between “his” Yankees and the Florida Marlins, Torres discovered that there was something there that sirened her towards the draw of the sport.

Giddy about her new passion, Torres found herself in uncharted territory.

“It was never really on my radar,” Torres said. “I did not play sports growing up, as my parents never really emphasized that, and I never really thought about watching sports on television.”

But it was too late. A passion was quickly struck for the hometown baseball team, the Atlanta Braves, and particularly for one of their better players: Andruw Jones.

So when Jones trade talks heated up in 2006, Torres got her first taste of interacting with the baseball media, calling into a radio show to voice her opinion on the rumors.

“I wrote it down, and knew exactly what I was going to say,” Torres said. “I just went off on a tangent on how I did not want him gone because he helped the Braves go from the 90s funk that they got through, all the way to 2006, and helped the Braves along. I was insistent on the fact that they could not trade him!”

Today, Torres finds herself in a sports writing class within the Grady College of Journalism at UGA, and covers the women’s softball team for the school paper, the Red & Black.

Torres continues to bond with her father through the game of baseball, as they are able to relate the sport to any other life conversations that may come up along the way.

“We talk about sports stuff,” Torres said. “My dad is my go-to for anything, whenever I am having a crisis for anything with journalism and sports.  I learned from him what I know about baseball.”



Caitlyn Stroh

Caitlyn Stroh was born on Super Bowl Sunday in 1994, so it was pretty much destiny for her to fall in love with sports. 

Stroh grew up in Thomasville, GA, only 30 minutes away from her birthplace of Tallahasee, FL and from her childhood team the Florida State Seminoles. She also had an affinity for the sport of baseball, growing up a daddy’s girl with a former collegiate baseball player at South Dakota State as a father, and has been a diehard Tampa Bay Rays fan her whole life.

“I grew up going to baseball games with him and watching him play flag football when I was little,” Stroh said of her father. “I’ve just always watched sports with him.”

Growing up, Stroh played softball. She played all over the diamond, from pitcher to catcher to 1st and 3rd base. She also was a bat girl for her high school baseball team and always seemed to find herself on the diamond.

“I always grew up liking sports and I took journalism my freshman year,” said Stroh. “That was the year that Yankee Stadium closed, and my teacher asked me if I wanted to write a piece on it because she knew I loved baseball.”

From then on, she kept writing about sports and became interested in sports journalism.

Stroh is a magazine journalism major at the Grady College of Journalism at UGA. She loves magazine sports journalism so much that she used to have her own subscription to Sports Illustrated throughout high school and it always got a good laugh that it was in her name on the magazines instead of her dad’s. 

“My dream job would be to work for Sports Illustrated,” said Stroh. “I used to want to work for newspapers, but I decided I wanted to do more feature and long-form journalism.”

Stroh writes for the Athens-Banner Herald while at school and for her local newspaper when she’s back home. She used to also write for In The Game Magazine when she was in high school as well. On top of all that, Stroh has hosted UGA football recruits at home games all year. She hopes it all pays off someday, and she has even applied for an internship with Sports Illustrated for this upcoming summer. 

But for now, all she wants is to see the Seminoles take on the Alabama Crimson Tide in the National Championship this year. The rest will figure itself out.






BCS Shakeup in the MWC After Week 8

In the beginning of the end for the BCS National Championship, with the college football playoff starting next season, the last weekend before the first BCS standings of the year was a wild one for the Mountain West Conference. 

Fresno State continued their dominance in the conference last weekend, beating UNLV soundly 38-14. Stud quarterback Derek Carr set more school records in the game, including the records for career touchdowns and completions. With Carr setting the pace, Fresno State has seemingly not slowed down at all on their chase of an undefeated season and a BCS bowl birth. 

The Bulldogs enter the initial BCS standings at number 17, with no other MWC being represented at this point in the season. The next most likely team from the MWC to break the BCS Top 25 would seem to be perennial power Boise State, but after this past weekend their chances seem dismal.

Boise State veteran quarterback Joe Southwick went down with a broken ankle in their win against Nevada that could cost him the rest of the season. That leaves the Broncos offense in the hands of junior Grant Hendrick, who did an alright job of managing the rest of the 34-17 win over the Wolfpack. This leaves the Broncos with a few questions. Can Hendrick lead them to the conference’s first ever championship game on December 7th? And if they were to get there, could he win the likely rematch between the Broncos and the undefeated Fresno State Bulldogs?

Things are heating up in the mountains this season, and there seems to be a lot more twists to come.

Second Day Story Post

In this blog from Mountain West Connection, Hank Corless takes a look at Boise State’s 34-17 win over Nevada in which the Broncos lost their star quarterback Joe Southwick. I liked this post because it uses a lot of good stats and I can tell Corless really did his research for the article while still being able to provide good analysis, especially in regard to what’s next for the Broncos after their quarterback suffered a broken right angle on their first offensive play of the day. Corless did a good job of making a mostly one-sided game really seem interesting while also noting the importance of the injury.

Fresno State is the Tops in the MWC, but Which Team is Number Two?

Fresno State has been the class of the Mountain West Conference this season, starting off the year 5-0 and coming into this week ranked #21 in the AP Top 25 Poll. With all the success in Fresno this year, there seems to be one main question around the rest of the conference: who is the second best team in the Mountain West?

Out of the eleven remaining teams in the conference, five of them have a record of either 3-2 or 3-3. Those teams are UNLV, Nevada, Utah State, Wyoming, and Boise State. In the season’s first Mid-Major top 10 poll, ran by Hustle Belt and reported by MWConnection, Boise State is the next highest ranked MWC team with Wyoming rounding out the top 10.

Boise has been a national powerhouse over the past few years, but after their shaky start and loss to Fresno State earlier in the season many people think the Bronco’s continued success might have finally come to an end. Wyoming is a different story though. The Cowboys have gone through the last few years without having much overwhelming success, both in the conference and on the national scale. This year though, there’s a new swagger in Laramie. Off to a 3-2 start, with only a 3-point loss in the season-opener against Nebraska and a somewhat forgettable loss in a poor effort against Texas State, the Cowboys are playing at a higher level than they have in the past. Behind the arm of third-year-starting junior quarterback Brett Smith, the ‘Boys have their eyes set on a bowl game; and if they keep playing as well as they have been, there could be big things to come for Wyoming.