No Braxton, No Problem for Ohio State

When Ohio State’s starting quarterback Braxton Miller hurt his leg in week two verses San Diego State, the entire state of Ohio held it’s breath. Miller is considered by many to be the perfect quarterback to run Ohio State coach Urban Meyer’s spread offense, and without him, nobody was sure how productive the offense would be. Enter Kenny Guiton, and the Buckeyes have yet to miss a beat.

Almost three full games since Miller went down, the Buckeyes have continued to put up big numbers. Scoring 42, 52, and 76 in the games in which Guiton has taken over, and one may speculate that there may be a quarterback controversy in Columbus. But according to Meyer, no such controversy exists. In a press conference this past weekend after the Buckeyes dismantled FLorida A&M, when the question was asked if Miller was still number one, Meyer simply replied “Yes.”

Since Kenny Guiton has taken over for the injured Miller, he has completed 65 of 95 passes for 13 touchdowns and two interceptions. “Xbox numbers” as the kids may say.

Though Ohio State has yet to enter the “meat” of their schedule, knocking off four out-of-conference teams which could be considered far from intriguing, big tests are on the horizon when Wisconsin comes into Columbus this weekend, and the Buckeyes travel to Northwestern the following week. And while the status of Braxton Miller is still uncertain, Ohio State fans can breathe easy, for the time being, with Kenny Guiton taking the snaps.

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3 thoughts on “No Braxton, No Problem for Ohio State

  1. raleighh

    1. I would say Braxton Miller’s full name just so people know what’s going on.
    2. This is a strong article but I think there needs to be a more broad discussion of the big 10.

  2. crstroh

    Really good post. Definitely the most prominent issue in the Big Ten last week, and you definitely hit the big points that seemed to be stirring among the college football world. I agree with Jake — love the “Xbox numbers” comment.
    Just a few minor things:
    1. In your lede, it should be “versus” not “verses.” Probably just a typo, but it caught my attention.
    2. Your first paragraph had a few over-generalizations like “entire state..” and “nobody was sure…” that could’ve been worded differently to be more effective.
    3. You referred to Guiton by first and last name more than once, when you could’ve just said “Guiton.” No biggie.

  3. jleber10

    The entire flow of the blog was good. You started with the most recent news and ended with what to expect next. Also, I love the “Xbox numbers” sentence. You are good at adding color to your writing. Both of my comments are about the links.

    1. This first one is minor. I would have linked “no such controversy exists” instead. By linking where you did, it misleads the reader into thinking they are about to read an article that suggests there may be a quarterback controversy taking place.
    2. I would have found a link with more content than just the Ohio State schedule. Maybe a blog post about why the next two weeks are crucial or a game preview of the Wisconsin game would have been more insightful.


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