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ACC profile pieces

The first piece I found is a profile on former Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden. The piece shows Bowden looking back on his famed coaching career, but it also gives a look ahead into the 83-year old Bowden’s return trip to Tallahassee to be honored before the NC State game.

The second profile I found is on Maryland wide receiver Stefon Diggs. This was written back in May and it describes how the immensely talented Diggs just tries to fit into a role at Maryland after seemingly doing everything possible for the Terps his freshman year. It gives a good sense of how much a struggle it was for Diggs to just relax and become himself in the Maryland system.


Savannah Brock Profile

Savannah Brock, a sophomore from Winder, GA, has been around sports her whole life. She grew up watching sports with her dad.

“I was a tomboy growing up,” said Brock. ” I loved watching and playing sports. I was a huge hockey fan and still haven’t gotten over the Thrashers leaving.”

Brock grew up playing sports. She was a four sport athlete growing up, and she says that it helped grow her relationship with her dad and brother.

“Growing up I played about every sport I could. I’ve played on so many soccer teams over the years I’ve forgotten how many teams I’ve played on,” said Brock. “And my dad was always there, for everything. Sports have been a way for the two of us two bond, and sports has definitely made our relationship stronger.”

On her younger brother, she sees that sports is also a way of bonding with him.

“He’s five years younger than I am, and he’s only recently gotten into sports, but we’ve really bonded over it. Of course, being the younger brother he wants to one up me saying he wants to be a five sport athlete. It’s kind of annoying but I love it.”

While Brock does see some discrimination against women in the sport’s world she does like where it is headed

“I still think, that while there have been huge inroads for women in the sports world, there is still a long way to go. We see that with some of the outrage that came with Condoleezza Rice being named to the College football playoff committee. She is certainly qualified for the position but we saw tons of backlash,” said Brock. “I think that sometimes it’s the ones that can’t play the sports that end up understanding the game the best. They are able to see sort of the larger picture.”

When asked what she likes the most about being girl involved in sports, she responded by saying that she loves to prove people, specifically guys, wrong.

“There have been times when I have been talking to guys and they’ve sort rambling on about sports, and I’ve been able to just shut them up and prove them wrong. It is really just an awesome feeling to prove someone wrong.”

While Brock enjoys talking and learning about sports, she hopes to one day turn that into reporting on entertainment news.

“I’ve always really wanted to go into entertainment news. Us weekly, People I love all that stuff. But I feel like sports reporting and entertainment reporting have a lot of similarities and a lot of the skills in sports transfer over to entertainment.  I’d be happy if I were able to do either for a living.”

Hurricanes no longer held hostage by NCAA

On Tuesday morning, after over four years after the initial allegations had been discovered, the NCAA finally handed down its punishment in the Nevin Shapiro case regarding him giving extra benefits to Miami(FL) football and basketball players

The Hurricanes will lose 9 football scholarships over the next three years as well as being placed on three years probation. The school’s basketball program will lose three scholarships, as well as former head basketball coach, and current Missouri head coach, Frank Haith being suspended for five games.

For the past two seasons the Hurricane program has been placed under a cloud of doubt as to what would happen regarding the allegations. The Hurricanes had a self imposed bowl ban the previous two seasons, including forgoing an opportunity to play in the ACC Championship game last season. The Hurricanes have suffered in recruiting as well, due to the uncertainty about how the NCAA would handle the case.

Part of the reason the Hurricanes had to wait so long for a decision is in part to the NCAA’s own handling of the case. It illegally obtained documents to be used as evidence in the case, and employed one Shapiro’s lawyers on the case. Shapiro is currently serving 20 years for organizing a $930 million Ponzi scheme. Shapiro then told Yahoo Sports! about the allegations he committed while acting as a booster for the University in 2011.

Miami(Fl) president Donna Shalala commented on the current coaches have handled the process.” He(Golden) has been extraordinary as has (basketball coach) Jim Larranaga,” Shalala told USA Today. “But Al in particular has gotten the brunt of this, and we all couldn’t be more grateful.He’s a class act. He’s showed both his toughness and his commitment to the university.”

The Hurricanes comparatively got let off easy to that of other schools, specifically USC. USC lost 30 scholarships as well as a two year bowl ban due to the Reggie Bush allegations. USC appealed their decision which was upheld and started in 2010. Many feel that because Miami had say out of bowl games the previous two seasons their punishment would be less then that of others, which it is was.

USC athletic director Pat Haden commented on the punishment by tweeting “We always felt our punishment were too harsh. This decision only bolsters that view.”

With the worst part of the scandal in the rear-view mirror, the Hurricanes can finally look forward to the future. The Hurricanes are currently ranked No. 7 in the initial BCS rankings, and have a chance to move up with games at No. 2 Florida State, and a home game against No. 14 Virginia Tech. The Hurricanes also have the no. 4 recruiting class for the class of 2014 according to ESPN Recruiting Services. The future is looking the brightest it has in recent times for the Hurricanes

ACC Second day story


This post is by Pat Forde and it takes a look at why FSU has become the team it has. He mentions that FSU has stockpiled top-rated recruits over the years. He also mentions how the pressure of expectations have been built up over the years, and how they are now living up to them. Forde also looks ahead to FSU’s road to the national championship.

Hokies control road to Charoltte

After struggling to start the season, losing to Alabama 35-10 and needing triple overtime to beat Marshall, it appears the Virgina Tech Hokies are showing that they are more than capable of not only winning the ACC Coastal division, but the ACC as a whole.

The Hokies have won their first two ACC games, beating Georgia Tech on the road on a Thursday night 17-10, and then beating North Carolina at home this weekend 27-17. The Hokies get a break in the schedule by not having to face either No. 3 Clemson or No. 6 Florida State. The toughest game remaining on their schedule is a November 9th game at No. 15 Miami(FL), with the winner all but guaranteed a trip to the ACC championship game in Charlotte.

Unlike many other teams in the ACC ,and FBS, the Hokies have been getting it done all season with their defense. The Hokies rank fifth in the FBS in total defense, 12th in points allowed and third in turnovers forced. They also held No. 1 Alabama to their lowest yardage total of the season, while also only giving up 14 points to the offense(The Crimson Tide returned a kick,punt, and interception for touchdowns, making the score more lopsided.)

What will determine the success of the Hokies’ season is the play of their fifth-year senior quarterback Logan Thomas. After going 5 for 29 with 59 yards and an interception against Alabama in the first game of the season, Thomas has improved as the season has progressed. Against North Carolina, Thomas was 19 for 28 with 293 yards, 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. It was Thomas’ second career 3 touchdown game, the first coming against Miami(FL) in 2011, according to NFL.com’s Mike Huguenin.

With a favorable schedule, an improving Logan Thomas and one of the best defenses in the FBS the Hokies have an excellent chance to play for their 5th ACC Championship.