Sports media professionals, whether they work for a web site, a television station or a team, get front-row seats and backstage passes to the kinds of events that could cost you a year’s worth of tuition on StubHub.

They do pay a price. On high school football fields, they track a mind-boggling number of statistics through rain, sleet and snow. In college press boxes, they write notes packages while feeding social media and tracking the storyline of whatever event they are covering. In pro sports locker rooms, they fight through media scrums to hear the nuggets of wisdom being offered up by backup offensive tackles. In the Olympic “mixed zone” – where sharp elbows are mandatory and daily showers apparently are optional – they wait interminably, usually for bland quotes.

Through all this, and against heart rate-raising deadlines, they produce content for a nation and world ravenous for sports coverage.

In this class, you will learn how they do it. You will keep statistics, you will interview sports figures, you will cover sports events on various platforms, including social media. You will have tight deadlines.

If at the end of the semester this all seems a small price for admission — and if you value telling the stories above all else — a sports media career might be for you.



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