Good Profiles on the MAC/Big Ten Beat

I feel like this is a cop-out because Suggs sent us this link, but I really enjoyed this profile on Urban Meyer.  I like how he opened with a specific scene who’s theme resonated throughout the entire article:  Meyer’s struggle to balance coaching and home life.  The language Thompson uses is very descriptive and paints a clear picture (though I will criticize one thing….Ashtabula is not “right up the road” from Columbus.  Its about 3 hours away.)  Sometimes I think Thompson can be overly flowerly, but I think he is right on point in this one.

I read this article a few years ago on Denard Robinson and thought it was a great piece.  The structure is perfect; the story alternates between the snapshot of Robinson’s family watching him from from their garage to a chronological account of his football career.  Also, you really get a sense of how important his success is not only to his family, but the entire community.  (You might need to click on the pictures of the actual magazine story…for some reason, it cuts off on the last page.)


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