2 Good Profiles on Pac-12 Beat

The first profile I found is titled The Rise and Fall of Lane Kiffin. The article effectively employs a lede that sets the scene to the unexpected hiring of Lane Kiffin to USC. Even though we cannot use first person, I feel that the author effectively uses “I” in telling the story of Kiffin’s rise and fall. Using “I” plays to the emotions of his audience. By using “I”, readers felt like the author expressed their own personal opinions as USC fans that were also fed up with Kiffin’s lackluster play calling and leadership.

Another profile I thought was very good was titled Foam FInger: Goodbye, Lane Kiffin. I enjoyed the article and I liked the comedic approach the author used. He presented the same information as other articles on the same topic but his article had undeniable voice and tone. He structured the story well by providing a backstory and chronology.  It was informative for people that are unfamiliar with Kiffin’s coaching history yet entertaining enough for people that are. familiar with his coaching history


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