SEC Profiles

One profile that I liked was this article on Sports Illustrated about Johnny Manziel. This article talked about how Manziel has to deal with the newfound fame that he gained following his winning the Heisman. I liked the way that this article was written, giving insight into what Manziel aspires to achieve and showing the “bucket list” that he created of all of these things that he wants to do. I also like how it address some the scandals that Manziel was involved in but it doesn’t make up the majority of the content for the story.

Another profile that I liked looked at Cam Newton and talked about how his past at the University of Florida was a factor that made way for his future success at Auburn University. I liked that the article looked at what contributed to Newton’s wanting to leave Florida following his arrest and suspension. I also liked that it talked about his time playing at a junior college rather than the whole focus just being on his arrest and on his- then- current success at Auburn and how it just sets the stage for how he became successful rather than purely on his success.


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