NFC Profiles

The first profile I came across was this MMQB Sam Hurd profile by Michael McKnight. This story is one of the better stories I’ve ever read and it is incredibly relevant with Hurd being sentenced on Wednesday. At first, I just assumed Hurd was another dead-beat, “money went to his head” NFL player, but after reading this story, it kind of made me at least re-evaluate my perspective–some of what went on in this investigation and sentencing was sketchy. I like how McKnight uses the narrative of Hurd’s drug-trafficking to tell a larger picture story about the type of person Hurd was, how he grew up, how he came to fame, and even how the U.S. justice system seems to work.

I also sought out a profile on Richard Sherman and found this one by Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times. I searched for something on Sherman because he’s such a perplexing figure. With all of the talent in the world, the guy comes off as a real jerk on the field, but then off the field he’s buying dinner for homeless people and writing excellent columns for MMQB. In this one, I like how Farmer was able to touch on both his on-field and off-field demeanor without coming across as too unfocused or scattered.


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