Jamie Han had her sights on sports, just needed someone to tell her she should broadcast the events

Jamie Han had her sights on sports, just needed someone to tell her she should broadcast the events

By Raleigh Harbin

Georgia sophomore Jamie Han was always the person who watched the game closely, whether it was the Colts when she lived in Indianapolis or the Braves when she moved to Atlanta when she was in sixth grade. She was always into the sport and the game, not so much the event surrounding it.


“I’m always the only person out of my friends who’s actually watching the game,” Han said. “When everyone else is hanging out and being loud and obnoxious, [I’m watching the game].”


Han said she attended many Colts games before she moved to the Atlanta area, then pledged allegiance to the Braves faithful after attending a few games.


Han moved from Indiana in 2006, the year the Colts won the Super Bowl, and said it was hard moving from her native state, especially since she had season tickets during the Peyton Manning years in Indianapolis.


“It was a little hard,” Han said. “For a couple years I could never find the Colts’ games [on TV].”


Once she started high school at Peachtree Ridge in Suwanee, Ga., Han was able to fill the void left by moving away from the Colts by taking in several sporting events. Through her passion for sports, she started her first gig as a sports broadcaster in her senior year, called Ridge Vision News, the morning news at her school.


“I was always at the basketball games, always there on Friday night for the football games, and was at 90 percent of the baseball games,” Han said. “I went to every sporting event.”


People began to notice her attendance at all of these sporting events because in her freshman year of high school, someone came up to her at Peachtree Ridge’s regional championship game against North Gwinnett. That person suggested that she enter sports broadcasting, something that had never crossed Gallagher’s mind.


“I remember going home that night and thinking, ‘I could really do this’,” Han said. “I know it’s really competitive, but I’m just trying to get as much experience as I can.”


Han continues garnering experience in the sports broadcast field, as she hopes to land an internship with ESPN in the summer.


“It’s going to be a really cool thing to follow in the footsteps of Sam Ponder and Erin Andrews,” Han said. “I know it was hard for women in the past to get into the [sports journalism field].”


For now, Han said she’s worked with ESPNU Campus Connection since last year. The program is solely geared towards allowing students to generate their own content, and while Han said it’s hard to find the time when she’s busy with school and other priorities, she hopes to create her own YouTube channel to build her resume.


“I’ve been doing that since last year,” Han said. “I want to go ahead and get hands on experience to get real experience with what I want to do.”



One thought on “Jamie Han had her sights on sports, just needed someone to tell her she should broadcast the events

  1. jamiehannn

    I really like all the quotes you used and the details of the interview! One part you said Gallagher after quoting me. And a few details got repeated but other than that, I love this piece! Thanks!


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