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Savannah Brock, a sophomore from Winder, GA, has been around sports her whole life. She grew up watching sports with her dad.

“I was a tomboy growing up,” said Brock. ” I loved watching and playing sports. I was a huge hockey fan and still haven’t gotten over the Thrashers leaving.”

Brock grew up playing sports. She was a four sport athlete growing up, and she says that it helped grow her relationship with her dad and brother.

“Growing up I played about every sport I could. I’ve played on so many soccer teams over the years I’ve forgotten how many teams I’ve played on,” said Brock. “And my dad was always there, for everything. Sports have been a way for the two of us two bond, and sports has definitely made our relationship stronger.”

On her younger brother, she sees that sports is also a way of bonding with him.

“He’s five years younger than I am, and he’s only recently gotten into sports, but we’ve really bonded over it. Of course, being the younger brother he wants to one up me saying he wants to be a five sport athlete. It’s kind of annoying but I love it.”

While Brock does see some discrimination against women in the sport’s world she does like where it is headed

“I still think, that while there have been huge inroads for women in the sports world, there is still a long way to go. We see that with some of the outrage that came with Condoleezza Rice being named to the College football playoff committee. She is certainly qualified for the position but we saw tons of backlash,” said Brock. “I think that sometimes it’s the ones that can’t play the sports that end up understanding the game the best. They are able to see sort of the larger picture.”

When asked what she likes the most about being girl involved in sports, she responded by saying that she loves to prove people, specifically guys, wrong.

“There have been times when I have been talking to guys and they’ve sort rambling on about sports, and I’ve been able to just shut them up and prove them wrong. It is really just an awesome feeling to prove someone wrong.”

While Brock enjoys talking and learning about sports, she hopes to one day turn that into reporting on entertainment news.

“I’ve always really wanted to go into entertainment news. Us weekly, People I love all that stuff. But I feel like sports reporting and entertainment reporting have a lot of similarities and a lot of the skills in sports transfer over to entertainment.  I’d be happy if I were able to do either for a living.”

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My name is Connor Riley, although some government documents tell me my first name is Kevin. I love sports,movies,music and my dog Bodie.I am a journalism student at the University of Georgia and a proud Centennial Knight alum.I also enjoy a good game of pick up hoops and to go running on occasion.You can follow me on Twitter @Connornotkevin.

2 thoughts on “Savannah Brock Profile

  1. catrinar31

    Its weird critiquing a story about someone but I guess. I would try to cut some of the quotes shorter because they do seem long. There were some punctuation problems I noticed.

  2. Savannah Brock

    First of all it is really awkward reading a profile about yourself, but I thought it was good! There were some grammatical errors where you forgot punctuation at the end of sentences. The only other thing I thought was to try and cut down the quotes. I felt like some of them were really long and you would lose backstory between them. Otherwise, I thought you did a good job!


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