Raleigh Harbin

By Jamie Han

Athens, GA-

Raleigh Harbin was basically born into the world of baseball, attending Atlanta Braves games even before he turned one.  When he couldn’t make it to the Braves game, he would stand in front of the television set for nine innings and imitate each batter’s stance, swinging at every pitch that was delivered to the plate.  He picked up the game himself at age five, playing second base and center field.  After 10 years of giving his life to the sport he loved, he came to realization that he was not good enough to play baseball at a higher level and gave up baseball.  Instead of dwelling on this, he decided to take his love for the game a different route.

Harbin was enrolled in a high school for creative writing.  He realized that he had a strong suit for writing his sophomore year of high school when his journalism teacher saw his immense amount of potential in the field.  He became passionate about writing and realized that he could incorporate his love for sports with his love for journalism.

Harbin transitioned his love for sports journalism to college.  The junior communications major is now writing for the Red and Black, the independent student newspaper at the University of Georgia.  He has covered women’s soccer, softball and miscellaneous events for the Red and Black.  He is the current golf beat writer and is enjoying covering a new sport.

  There are many aspects of sports writing Harbin loves, but his favorite is the opportunities that come with the field.  “I love it because I can get the inside information I always yearned for as a fan.  I also love talking to and meeting different personalities and learning how to converse with them,” said Harbin.  One of the best moments of his career was when he interviewed Bob Knight, Hall of Fame college basketball coach, and had the opportunity to write a story on him. 

When one door closed, another door opened for Harbin.  He hopes to turn his passion for sports journalism into a life-long career.


One thought on “Raleigh Harbin

  1. raleighh

    You definitely caught the gist of why I love sports and detailed that very well. The article would have worked better had you organized it more traditionally, and perhaps used more quotes. The article seemed a bit rushed but it was detailed and definitely portrayed my love for sports, and speaks well to what I’m doing to try and pursue a career in sports journalism.


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