Nicole Castrellon Profile

For Nicole Castrellon, sports were a part of her life since day one and are a mainstay in her life because of the relationships they create.

“It creates an incredible bond,” Castrellon said. “It’s something that’s unparalleled. Each bond is different but it’s indescribable.”

Castrellon appreciates the relationship between teammates as well as coaches and their players. However, she likes the most how sports have strengthened her relationship with her dad.

Ever since she can remember, Castrellon was always the first person her dad would approach to take to games. She considers her first Miami Dolphins game with her dad to be one of the greatest bonding experiences of her life.

Growing up in Miami, Castrellon was exposed to the culture of the Heat and Marlins, in addition to the Dolphins. The fact that she lived in a city with so much pride in its sports teams, even though those teams struggled at times during her childhood, played a significant role in developing her love for sports.

Castrellon’s emotions towards sports have developed more as she has gotten older. Now, she has a better understanding of the way games are played and the actual rules of each sport. Also, she appreciates the storylines sports create and how they affect other people’s lives.

“I like that you can get a whole bunch of stories out of it,” Castrellon said. “It’s not just about who threw the ball. There are a lot of human-interest sides to it as well.”

As she continues to develop her passion for sports, Castrellon hopes to use her sports knowledge and convert it into a career in sports journalism. However, no matter what path she takes in the professional field, Castrellon will always cherish the influence sports have had on her life and that they have molded her into the person she is today.


One thought on “Nicole Castrellon Profile

  1. Savannah Brock

    I thought this was a really well written profile about Nicole. I learned things that I did not previously know about her. I feel like you did a good job asking the right questions for this piece. It is really hard to find something to critique because I feel that you covered your bases and had a complete thought from start to finish!


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