Nick Suss

Nick Suss says he was born a sports fan. Literally, he knows what football game he came home to from the hospital: a 1:00 Dolphins vs. Jets match. To this day, his love of sports has not ceased.

“I’m a sports nerd– I know a ton of trivia,” he said.

Things got serious at 2 years old, when Suss could apparently list off every NFL team just by seeing the team’s helmet. As a young child, he would practice his football throws in the house and even keep his own stats on pen and paper.

Every morning before elementary school, a dedicated Suss would sit down and watch Sports Center, even memorizing some of their facts. He headlined his own sports segment on the morning broadcast at his school. He had so much to say that kids would be late to their first classes because they wanted to hear it all. Now in college, he is studying to become a sportswriter because it gives him more room to be wordy. He’s even got his own website up and running called

Suss comes from a family that embraced his love of sports. His father really instilled a love of sports in him. Interestingly enough, his dad is only 5’7″, so they never even anticipated their son being big enough to play. But Suss ended up playing his real love, football, for ten years, starting at age 8. His first steps onto a field were at age 6 with soccer, the sport he claims he was “dreadful” at.

Football was a big deal for Suss. It gave him an identity, even if it was just as a backup player. It gave him something to strive for, as he eventually made a starting position. It gave him instant friendships that would prove long-lasting.

All it takes is a few minutes with Suss to pick up on his intensely sports-focused life. He has embraced all aspects of sports, from studying them to playing them and writing about them. His knowledge of sports is all-encompassing since it started at such an early age.


2 thoughts on “Nick Suss

  1. egrims

    I really like how you chose to write this profile. It goes into Nick’s childhood and true essence of who he really is without it being too much of a summery. I maybe would have liked to see more quotes from Nick to hear his voice come through in the story more. I know full-well about Nick’s knowledge for sports trivia and facts, so overall I think you did a good job portraying that here.


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