Melanie Watson, the Biggest Hawks fan

Melanie Watson is fascinated by sports.  She loves watching athletes compete at the highest level.   Her favorite team, the Atlanta Hawks, knows who she is.  Being able to access the team locker room makes her a bigger fan than most.

“I got into the NBA.  My mom asked me what brought me into sports, the movie Space Jam had just come out and everyone was drawn to Michael Jordan.  I think everyone had a thing for MJ,” said Watson.

Melanie’s NBA fandom took off when she was in high school.  Her and a friend decided that they would follow the advise of their mentor, the voice of the Atlanta Hawks- Bob Rathbun, and create a fan website for the Atlanta Hawks. She was able to create a site and because of that, she has been able to open doors to other things.

“Whenever I get the chance, I go to Atlanta Hawks games and I’m able to go into the locker room,” said Watson.

And when she’s in there, she’s just another part of the Hawks team.  Watson told me that her relationship with the Hawks players was no different than just a friend talking to a friend.

“I must admit, it’s weird not seeing Josh Smith in the locker room.”

Melanie’s love for sports grew as a child.  She always knew that she had a special place in her heart for sports and she felt that she wanted to be a voice for athletes.  Professional athletes were something else to Melanie.  Her dream job is do one day open her own sports agency and represent athletes.

“Pair my fascination with sports and athletes with my love for communication and see why I want to work in this field,” said Watson.

Melanie’s family didn’t push her into sports either.  She told me that her mother was not a sports fan, but that her father liked sports, but rarely went to sporting events.  In fact, Melanie took her parents to their first Atlanta Hawks game just two years ago.

If Melanie could pick any Atlanta Hawk player of all time to be her favorite, she’d choose Joe Johnson.  Who knows, maybe one day, she’ll represent him.


One thought on “Melanie Watson, the Biggest Hawks fan

  1. Miss__Melanie

    There’s something strangely fascinating about reading YOUR story through someone else’s words. Obviously I know all of this stuff mentioned here but some of it I didn’t actually realize. For example: “Her favorite team knows who she is.”
    My only critique is that i felt like the quotes didn’t align with the surrounding text very well and that the story could have possibly flowed more chronologically. Also, in the paragraph about my parents you said “but” twice.
    I loved it overall and it made me feel confident about my dreams.


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