Maryland born Braves fan–Matt Singer

Matt Singer may have been born in Potomac, Md., but his love of sports was born in the south. As the Braves prepare to move to Cobb County, Singer is just happy to be in the same state as his favorite team.

Singer fell in love with sports at a young age playing baseball. He played infield, primarily third base, all the way through high school. He says that while he played a variety of sports, he stuck with baseball the longest and ultimately attributes his passion for sports to it.

While Singer was raised in Maryland and still calls it home, the team he calls his own is found in Georgia. The first time he saw the Braves play was a series against the Orioles, and Chipper Jones caught young Singer’s attention. He was sold. The son of a yankee Detroit Tigers fan and Philadelphia woman had become a Chipper loving, tomahawk chopping Braves fan.

“That’s one of the reasons I actually came down to UGA– to be as close to Atlanta as possible,” said Singer.

Singer is currently majoring in advertising and marketing. His dream job would be to take his love of the Atlanta Braves to the next level– as General Manager, of course. Singer’s career aspirations aren’t limited to the sports world, as he is a huge fan of entertainment in general.

“I always knew I wanted to do something in entertainment,” said Singer. “Going up the music industry would be pretty cool, too, I’ve always thought.”

Lucky for Singer, he goes to a school in city with a great music scene. Singer has found that Georgia Theater Rooftop is one of his favorite places in Athens, and has seen multiple concerts at the Theater.

Potomac probably wouldn’t be the first place one would look for a Braves fan. In fact, one would probably assume that anyone in that area has AL East allegiance, but I guess Singer grew up in the wrong state.

“I always knew I liked the South better,” said Singer.


2 thoughts on “Maryland born Braves fan–Matt Singer

  1. connorriley

    Aside from taking offense to the term yankee, I really enjoyed this. I always find non-traditional sports fans interesting(IE they don’t root for their local team) and it was good to read about his back story. Being in a situation similar to Matt, I can definitely relate, and I think you do a good job of connecting the readers to Matt’s story.

  2. egrims

    I had no idea you were from Maryland. I was actually super close to going to UMD… But I don’t blame you for not being an Orioles fan — although Camden Yards is a cool place.

    As for the actual writing… I absolutely love this: “The son of a yankee Detroit Tigers fan and Philadelphia woman had become a Chipper loving, tomahawk chopping Braves fan.” You did a really nice job telling the story of a Braves fan not from the south. It’s a perspective I don’t personally know since I grew up a Braves fan from the start, so you told it well.


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