Justin Fedich Sports Story

For some, the passion for sports ignites early in life, and little else stands much of a chance after.

“I don’t really know where it started,” said Justin Fedich, a junior at the University of Georgia majoring in Digital Broadcast Journalism and taking sports media courses. “It was the fact that I didn’t have a passion for any other subject in school or anything else. I liked watching sports and I didn’t like anything else.”

Growing up in New York, Fedich’s first love was baseball. A love easily satiated by attending Yankees games and playing little league.

But when a job transfer landed his Dad and consequently his entire family in Georgia, football soon replaced baseball in the heart of seven-year-old Fedich. As allegiances to specific teams and certain players were cut, Fedich’s love grew to be a passion for the game itself, rather than pure fandom, a skill he thinks suits him perfectly for his intended career trajectory.

“I never have been a hardcore fan of any team, I usually root for the underdog,” said Fedich. “I root for Georgia, but even when we lost to Mizzou I wasn’t that upset, because I watch sports for the story.”

Which sounds exactly like something one would want to hear from a young hopeful looking to make a career out of objective sports reporting.

Some of Fedich’s drive to become successful in sports media stems from getting a little love back from something he has loved so much.

“I just couldn’t imagine being anything else,” said Fedich. “I wanted to make use of my passion for sports. I didn’t want to be watching sports for the rest of my life for no reason.”

Which certainly makes sense to the ranks of others looking to break into the industry just like Fedich. When students are constantly told to look for the career that he or she would be happy to do without pay, or find a job that does not seem like work, with professional nap-taking or being a princess usually unviable, the realistic option to have a career that grants one access to their prized passion is glaringly obvious.

“Some guys want to go to law school, but that just sounds so boring to me,” he said. “Why would you want to do that when you can be doing this? If you have the choice of doing anything you want, I can’t believe more people are not in here trying to make this happen.  You see how many people attend games and sporting events. Then you look around this classroom, and there are not that many people. You’d think everyone would be in here, wanting what we do. It’s not that hard. It’s not like taking math classes. You’ve just got to want to do and try to do it.”


2 thoughts on “Justin Fedich Sports Story

  1. mariyalewter

    I think this profile was very well written. After reading, I feel like I know Justin better as a person and a sports fan.

  2. jfedich

    I really like this. I think it depicted my sports story really well. I think it helped you write this profile knowing that we felt similarly about sports, especially through the last part of this. I guess one critique would be in the second graf when you say that I liked sports and I didn’t like anything else. I might have said that I guess, I don’t remember, but there were other things I enjoyed in life besides sports. I just didn’t like any subjects in school (math, science, social studies, etc.). So maybe you could’ve cut the quote a little shorter. But other than that, I really like it. Good job!


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