How Sportscenter Changed a Boy: The Story of Connor Riley

By Savannah Brock

Like any other typical 7-year old boy Connor Riley played his fair share of recreational sports like soccer and basketball. It was not until he went to a friend’s house before swim practice that his entire life would change.

“He had this show on that I had never seen before, never heard of it, they were talking about basketball, baseball and all these cool sports, the show was Sportscenter,” said Connor.

Connor can still name who was hosting that show from 12 years ago. It was a show that many people watched, but it was that show that made young Connor fall in love with the sports world.

“For whatever reason I decided then and there that was what I wanted to do.”

Since that day Connor has exceeded all expectations by getting involved in the sports around him.  In high school he played football and when the season was over he started to read  up on the game of basketball. If you ask Connor anything about the game, he would be able to answer it. He dove into the books which, has accumulated over the years, but no matter how much he reads he still reverts back to that show from 12 years ago.

“I read a Bill Simons book and just the way I became a sports fan has evolved over the years, but I really attribute everything to being that one sportscenter show.”

In today’s age people have more access to learn about their favorite players and beat writers. With Twitter people are able to follow who they want and get on a more personal level without ever meeting them. Twitter has helped Connor learn more about the sports world and get vital information.

Sports is a field that takes a lot of studying and reading to fully understand. In today’s world some of the knowledge has gotten lost in translation due to the way someone looks in front of the camera or even if the person played the specific sport they are covering.

“I always kind of thought that the best people in sportscasting that are really smart on a lot of stuff like Keith Olbermann and Bill Simons, they might not always be the most articulate or the best looking but they always know what they are talking about,” said Connor, “That’s the angle I have always tried to go off of.”

Over the last couple of years Connor has gained knowledge in the world of sports and he is ready to take the world by storm. Whether he is the next Bill Simons or Scott Van Pelt, Connor is ready for the exposure. Who knows, maybe one day he will be the one on Sportscenter changing a young kid’s life.


One thought on “How Sportscenter Changed a Boy: The Story of Connor Riley

  1. connorriley

    Like you said it is very weird reading about yourself. I thought this was really well written. The only mistake that I saw was that you misspelled Bill Simmons last name, but I other then that I thought you did a good job of telling my story.


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