Good Profiles

I really enjoyed reading this profile on Baylor head coach Art Briles. It skips over anything specific to coaching and goes straight for the defining moment in his life so far. While talking about the sad moment when his parents died in a car accident on their way to watch him play in the Cotton Bowl, Mark Schlabach also ties it back to Briles’ life now. This profile goes beyond Briles as a head coach and delves into how this tragedy now helps him “mold perennial losers into winners” and “persuade others into believing that anything is possible.”

I also really liked this profile on Rutgers’ Eric LeGrand who was paralyzed in a game against Army in 2010. David Epstein doesn’t focus on his time as a player, or even the injury specifically, but the inspiration he’s sought since then. The story after the injury is almost more important here because it shows that LeGrand never gave up — he still believes he will one day walk again. This profile highlights why LeGrand is an inspiration to the sport.


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