Full Circle

Born and raised in Savannah, Ga., there is no logical reason why University of Georgia senior Ben Bolton is a die-hard San Diego Chargers fan.

But he is.

Digital and Broadcast Journalism major, Bolton’s love for the Chargers developed from his close relationship with his father. Bolton’s father was stationed in San Diego for a stint in the military and became a passionate fan of the team. Years later, his father’s passion for the Chargers, and sports in general, was adopted by his entire family, particularly an impresionable Ben.

If I had to start out of why I began loving sports, I would say family,” Ben Bolton said. “There is not a day that I would not want to go back and be able to play catch with my dad when I was like 10 years old again. The world was just a lot more…a little more simple.”

Sports has always played a major role in Bolton’s life. After school in Savannah, he would play baseball and he spent his weekends watching football and baseball with his family.

There’s not many things that can replace that because that’s where you gain love and comraderie. The things you do with your family create this bond,” Bolton said.

Initally sports were simply a way for Bolton to connect with his family. As he grew older, his mind began to shift on why he loved sports.

Sports has this weird thing where it can transcend any situation,” Bolton said, citing the Boston Marathon Bombing. “Sports is the place where people can come together, bond together, and despite the win, the loss, the score you kind of rise above the situation.”

Why people become enemies over a team and are willing pay to argue each other about it by religiously attending and watching games puzzled Bolton. He wanted to understand why when a fan’s favorite team loses the fan cries and why when that same team wins, the fan cries. This curiosity fueled his desire to pursue sports as a profession.

After interning with WJCL/Fox 28 and the Savannah Morning News as a high school student, he realized that he loved sports journalism and broadcasting.

At UGA, he is a manager at Grady Newsource, the campus news station, and president of  Di Gamma Kappa, the broadcast and telecommunications society of UGA. He also hosts a sports radio show on WUOG 90.5fm called The Friday Pregame Show and interns with both Georgiadogs.com and IMG College at UGA.

[I] want to provide the people a lense to view athletes and sports,” Bolton said.

Providing a lense for others to learn to love sports brings Bolton’s passion full circle.

He fell in love with sports because of the role sports played for his family. As a sports broadcaster, Bolton hopes to instill the same camraderie and passion in the households that will oneday crowd the television to hear his take on the big game. 



3 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. Ben Bolton

    I thought you did a great job! I would say the only thing that is kind of wrong is that I was the president of DGK last year. But that is small and doesn’t change the story. Overall, I think you did a great job at conveying what I said to you.

  2. collinsbradshaw

    I really liked how you incorporated his love for playing sports to his love for sports journalism. When quoting someone, you may want to clean up the quote a little and not use words such as “like” but other than that, great job! I really enjoyed reading this.


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