Family ties lead to aspiring career in sports for Kelly Fairbanks

Kelly Fairbanks got the luck of the draw.

Throughout her childhood, Fairbanks spent most of her time with her father while her sister was by her mother’s side.

Being a daddy’s girl, Sunday’s meant one thing—Vikings football.

“My sister always paired up with my mom and I always paired up with my dad and so our bonding time was always spent watching or playing sports,” the junior University of Georgia advertising major said. “My dad played baseball and always out there throwing the football and what not. Our Sundays were always spent watching the Vikings together.”

While Fairbank’s love for sports stemmed from her father, it was her older sister that got her involved in athletics.

Fairbanks grew up watching her sister play for Acworth, Ga.’s, travel soccer team at a young age, and from that point on, she no longer wanted to be a spectator.

“My sister started out playing soccer when she was in preschool or elementary school and I can remember watching her and not being able to wait until I was on that team,” Fairbanks said. “I just fell in love with soccer and I’m still in love with it.”

But with high school ending and no plans to play college soccer, Fairbanks knew she wanted to continue in sports, but just didn’t know where.

In her junior year at Georgia, Fairbanks was presented with the opportunity to intern for the social sports app, Fancred.

“It’s a social media app that’s just for sports where sports fan join together and just trash talk,” Fairbanks said. “It’s all sports. There’s soccer, baseball, football, college and NFL. Every week there is a hate week for college football and this week is Auburn. All the Georgia fans are hating on the Auburn fans.”

Fairbanks is charged with growing the Georgia fan base to the likes of Mississippi State and other Southeastern Conference schools.

The Acworth native takes to social media to get people aware of Fancred as well as creating twitter contests and making announcements in all her classes.

Fairbanks hopes that this experience and her family tie in sports will aid her as she pursues a career in sports marketing. “

“I more want to get involved in sports marketing so I thought that sports media would be a good compliment to advertising,” she said.


One thought on “Family ties lead to aspiring career in sports for Kelly Fairbanks

  1. kfairbanks22

    Wow, you wrote this better than I did about myself! Just a factual error- we started playing soccer in Texas and it was just a rec league at that age. My bad, I was unclear about that. But very well written, good job!


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