Baseball: Cody Pace

Growing up in the small town of Adairsville in Northern Georgia, Cody Pace turned to the game of baseball. Cody says that the only sport he ever really played was baseball. “I don’t remember how I really got started but I do remember I was really young. I started in T-ball when I was around 5 years old and continued into baseball from there.” Having an older brother who Cody describes as the most un-athletic person he knows, Cody discovered his passion for baseball through his father, who growing up, was involved in many sports.


Cody described his baseball career as any other American boy. He grew up playing on the same team with the same group of boys and developed a bond. “ We were always known as the Adairsville team, having that small town camaraderie.”


Pitching through a shoulder injury that developed when Cody was about 14 years old forced Cody to change positions from pitcher and second base to first base because he had very little arm strength. “I wouldn’t use the word devastating to describe my shoulder injury because I pitched through it but now I feel the effects, it bothers me a lot.”


Looking back over all the memories that Cody has made throughout his baseball career, one in particular sticks out to him. “I specifically remember when I was about 10 years old, my team was playing a rival team to decide who would advance to the playoffs. I pitched the complete game, only giving up 3 runs and helped my team to a victory in the last inning. They carried me off the field after the game which was the coolest experience I have ever had in baseball.”


Describing himself as one of the lesser physically gifted boys in baseball, Cody definitely misses the game he has spent so many years playing. “I would go back and do some things over if I could. I definitely miss baseball and I miss playing the game. I was never that physically gifted. There were a lot of guys who were physically built for the game better than I was so I stopped playing after a few high school years.”


The experiences gained from playing a sport are experiences in which you cannot duplicate. Cody believes that baseball has helped him succeed in all aspects of his life. “Baseball has taught me so much about life in general. Baseball teaches you a lot about being mentally tough. I think personally, baseball taught me how to push myself further to accomplish things I never thought I could accomplish.” Like many others, Cody is very grateful for all of his experiences that baseball has allowed him and is continuing to reap the benefits of playing a sport.






2 thoughts on “Baseball: Cody Pace

  1. egrims

    Overcoming two major injuries — one which required surgery — is something I can definitely relate to. I felt like you told Cody’s story in a way I could connect to with the stories he told and the downfalls he experienced. I not only got a sense of who Cody was as a baseball player but his passion for the sport as well.

  2. cpace2016

    Form wise, give the quotes their own grafs, it makes it easier to distinguish. I think you did a good job capturing the essence of what we talked about overall. The only piece of information I’d change is that I never played for my high school team. Although you never said that directly, “I stopped playing after a few high school years,” is a little misleading. I played on a recreation team my sophomore year, so the information isn’t false, it’s just misleading and changing the wording might make it more clear.


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