Austin Vaughn’s sports story

Five years ago Austin Vaughn would have never pictured himself reporting sports.

“I wanted to be one of those guys that writes for Rolling Stone,” Vaughn said. “The one who gets the album before everybody else gets it and write about it.”

Vaughn a student at the University of Georgia said outside being raised a Georgia Tech and Carolina Panthers fan he did not care about sports. Before transferring to Georgia, Vaughn attended Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, Connecticut. While in Connecticut, he wrote for the Housatonic Horizons, the student paper at HCC, but covered new stories. Despite covering news, writing for the Housatonic Horizons is where he found his passion for sports.

“Baseball is really just crazy, big up there. Being around that passion for baseball got me into baseball. That was the first time I really cared about baseball.”

Aside from finding a new love of baseball, Vaughn said that living in New England helped to cement his love of sports. Actually, his future covering baseball may have been foreshadowed during his first trip to Turner Field.

“When I first visited Turner Field, I was five years old, so I wasn’t thinking too much about baseball,” Vaughn said. “The spectacle of the whole thing. Seeing the big lights. This giant field, the people running all around. I was swept up in something that was bigger than myself, I just wasn’t quite sure what it was.”

Despite his vivid memories of visiting Turner Field, Vaughn doesn’t believe that his first visit to Turner Field solidified his love of baseball. However, he does believe that it was a big starting point.

“I don’t think it took hold how important that was until I was in Connecticut,” Vaughn said. “I do think that’s a starting point and that’s a big starting point. I don’t think baseball would have even been in my mind had that not happened.”


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