What is next for the Tigers?

After Saturday night’s loss (51-14) against the undefeated Florida State Seminoles, Clemson has a lot to think about.  Giving up 52 points on their own turf, the Clemson Tigers have said goodbye to their chances of being the next BCS Champions.

Even with the hopes of Pasadena gone, Clemson still remains in the top ten in all polls falling from No. 3 to No. 9 in the Associated Press Top 25 and from No. 4 to No. 10 in the Coaches Poll. Clemson still has high hopes for a BCS bowl if they can maintain their No. 9 rank which was just revealed on Sunday in the first BCS rankings of the season.

“We just have to keep leading,” said senior tailback Rod McDowell to the Bleacher Report. “You know what? If we win out and go 11-1, we’ll still go to a BCS bowl. And that’s my mindset. So we just have to keep executing on the little stuff.”

While some players are thinking ahead, what is fifth-year senior Tajh Boyd thinking? In a poll from the Bleacher Report 62.5% of people voted that Boyd’s chances at the Heisman are gone. Boyd went 17-of-37 for 156 yards and had two interceptions on a national platform. It also could not have helped that Boyd was going up against another Heisman one to watch Florida State’s quarterback Jameis Winston. Winston played his best game to date with 444 rushing yards, three touchdowns and one interception. Winston came out on top in that head-to-head battle knocking Boyd and the Tigers out of the race.


4 thoughts on “What is next for the Tigers?

  1. tanyasic

    There are a few factual errors in this post. You mentioned the score (51-14) but they said they allowed 52 points to be scored on Clemson’s home turf. Also, Jameis Winston had 444 passing yards, not rushing. Always make sure to edit for facts because one factual error can discredit the whole story. Besides that, I think you did a good job with the “what’s next” angle in talking about Boyd. The only thing I would’ve added would be at the beginning when you mentioned that they are now out of the race for the BCS title. Why is that so? Not everyone is familiar with the mess that can be the BCS, so it would be a good idea to maybe discuss how the ACC and its divisions look after that game and who is anticipated to play in the conference championship game.

  2. connorriley

    I actually really liked this. You don’t always hear about the losing team and where they go from here, so it was good to see that Clemson still gets some of the focus. The post is a little short, but you don’t need to write a novel to explain where they go from here.

    I liked how you brought up Boyd’s Heisman Trophy because while even though it is only just a poll, the game had a huge affect on not just the team but the individual players future as well. You also do a good job of comparing Boyd to Winston and bringing the story back to the Clemson loss.

  3. Benjamin Wolk

    The lead is vague, but this is a topic that had to be addressed. Good that you addressed them in the polls, though I would have expanded a little further to show where they match up in the conference standings against Miami and Florida State so you can talk about what has to happen to get the Tigers back in the conference title — and, less likely, the national title — picture.

  4. Kristin Hiller

    I think your lead could be a lot stronger. The line “Clemson has a lot to think about” is not very strong wording. I think you have some good information in here and it’s a good topic to discuss, but I feel like you didn’t bring that much to the table that we (readers) wouldn’t already know. You might have wanted to make your post a little longer with some more insight.


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