Vikings confident in Freeman despite struggles

It hasn’t been an easy road for Vikings’ starting quarterback Josh Freeman.

Freeman started the year as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ starting quarterback before getting dropped on Oct. 3 after leading his team to a 0-3 start.

Three days later Freeman signed a one-year contract with the Minnesota Vikings, and stepped into the starting role two weeks later.

In his first start with the Vikings on Monday night, Freeman could not shake the struggles that haunted him in Tampa Bay against the Giants.

Freeman went 20-for-53 passing for 190 yards and an interception, making him the second quarterback in league history to throw for fewer than 200 yards on more than 50 attempts.

The former Buccaneer finished the game with a 40.6 quarterback ranking and overthrew receivers on 16 off his 33 incompletions, according to ESPN Stats and Info.

But despite his struggles Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier is sticking with Freeman for the team’s next game against the Green Bay Packers this Sunday.

According to Frazier Freeman’s struggles had more to do with mechanics than preparation, but believes that these mistakes will be easy to fix.

“The ball kind of sailed on him a few different times, but I don’t think it was a lack of preparation,” Frazier said to reporters on Tuesday.

The Vikings have chosen Freeman to start over Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel, but Frazier has not committed to keeping him the starting signal caller for the season.

Ponder began the season as the starting quarterback before falling to a rib injury, which propelled Cassel into the starting role. Ponder went 0-3 as a starter while Cassel has a 1-1 record. Both are clear to play, but for the time being Leslie is sticking with Freeman who has not made the playoffs in his five years in the league.


4 thoughts on “Vikings confident in Freeman despite struggles

  1. Anna Tarullo

    I like the angle you focused on here. Starting with Freeman’s story and what his poor play against the Giants meant contextually for him was a really nice way to look at things instead of focusing on the Vikings quarterback woes in general. And nice touch adding in Frazier’s opinion on Freeman’s play.

  2. bpatbend

    I can’t believe the Vikings are sticking with Josh Freeman as their starting quarterback, who has yet to win a ballgame in 2013. I think your piece is good, but I kind of felt like it wasn’t anything I didn’t already know or think about when I think of the Minnesota QB situation. But I think it was good to mention how Minnesota’s QB problem started by mentioning how Ponder went down earlier in the season.

  3. cpace2016

    Funny how much a week can change things. Freeman concussed, and all of a sudden none of this matters. I also find the idea that the Vikings were comforted by the fact that it was mechanics and not preparation troubling. At least in my opinion, you would think that you’d be much more OK with your second-week quarterback not being 100-percent prepared as opposed to mechanically challenged. Anyway, good piece, nothing really wrong with it, in my opinion.

  4. kfairbanks22

    Very good article! I didn’t see any editorial mistakes! Maybe include one more article? It hasn’t been an easy road for anyone on the Vikings this season. I don’t see how Frazier doesn’t put the blame on lack of preparation- Freeman was only there for a week before they put him into start. I’m struggling to see any hope in all three of those quarterbacks.


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