Two Things the Houston Texans Must Do to Salvage their Season

By: Melanie Watson

The team that was predicted to be Super Bowl hopefuls at the start of this season is now 2-5. They’re on a five-game losing streak and their fans cheered when their starting quarterback went down with an injury. The Houston Texans are currently experiencing some difficulties and the only thing that fans can hope for at this point is for the skidding to end soon. There are two things that the Houston Texans can do to try and rebuild their season: 1) cut down on turnovers and penalties and 2) beat the mind games.

The Texans have the No. 1 defense in the NFL. The problem is that the turnover rate for the offense is frequently higher than the number of turnovers forced by the defense.  Texans quarterback Matt Schaub is not to blame for all of their misfortunes but a lot of them are attached to his name. The two-time Pro Bowler has thrown six interceptions this season – three of which resulted in touchdowns. In their 38-13 loss against the St. Louis Rams, the Texans had 95 yards of penalties, lost two fumbles and had two interceptions (which were thrown by Schaub’s replacement, T.J. Yates). Overall, they commit 12 more turnovers than their opponents and they have 46 penalties for 459 yards this season. It’s hard to be a winning team with those kinds of statistics.

The on-the-field issues that the Texans are having are starting to play with their minds also. Sports are every bit mental as they are physical so it’s only natural for the team to feel frustrated. Even offensive coordinator Rick Dennison said that the coaching staff has resorted to beating their heads up against the wall for answers. The Texans will fail to make everyone believe in the team again if they can’t even convince themselves. With fair weather fans, plaguing injuries and players getting cut from the team due to misconduct, it’s extremely important for Houston to battle their off-the-field issues before expecting a good product on the field.

Yes, they have a tough schedule ahead of them and some of their players are out for the season. Yes, they have five losses. It’s hard to overlook those things but keep in mind all of the things they do have. They have a great quarterback in Schaub despite his recent performances. They also have a chance every week to cut down on those costly mistakes they’re so prone to making. Finally and maybe even most importantly, they have a bye week to recoup and re-strategize in order to avoid sinking their season even further.

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2 thoughts on “Two Things the Houston Texans Must Do to Salvage their Season

  1. jamiehannn

    I like that you pointed out fundamentals of winning a football game like minimizing penalties and turnovers rather than just “scoring more points than the other team.” I didn’t really see any mistakes, everything looks good and consistent!

  2. Ben Bolton

    I didn’t see any mistakes going through it. I enjoyed the piece because you made it a simple argument. There are many factors that go into losing games,but you did a great job pointing out what mistakes were consistent. I also loved the use of a hyperlink for the coach banging his head against the wall. Overall, it was pretty good.


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