Previewing Penn. State vs. Ohio State in the horse shoe By Raleigh Harbin

Two Big 10 powerhouses are set to meet in Columbus, Ohio this Saturday at 8 p.m. as the Penn State Nittany Lions are heading up to meet Ohio State in the horse shoe. Penn State (4-2, 1-1 Big 10) and Ohio State (7-0, 3-0 Big 10) are set to clash in what looks like a statistically even match up. Ohio State has braved quarterback issues so far this season, as junior quarterback Braxton Miller has struggled with injuries and backup Kenny Guiton spelled Miller and played well in the process. Nevertheless, Miller and senior tailback Carlos Hyde man the backfield in an Ohio State offense that’s averaging 45 points per game. While some might consider the Buckeyes’ schedule a bit weak, Ohio State has overcome some issues within the team to keep the wins rolling through Columbus, and the Buckeyes will look to do so against a Penn State squad who has been surprisingly competitive the past two seasons following the NCAA sanctions stemming back to the Sandusky scandal. The Nittany Lions are averaging 33 points per game, and freshman quarterback Christian Hackenberg has actually outplayed Miller statistically, throwing for 17 touchdowns and nearly 1,700 yards to Miller who has thrown for 831 yards and nine touchdowns. While it appears that Ohio State should win this game based on talent and depth, the Nittany Lions are headed into the contest coming off a huge win at home against Michigan in quadruple overtime, so Penn State will be playing with a high level of confidence and will not lay down easily to the Buckeyes.


3 thoughts on “Previewing Penn. State vs. Ohio State in the horse shoe By Raleigh Harbin

  1. loganbooker

    I would chop this up into multiple paragraphs, making it much easier to read.

    Also, work on the quality of the links, having them back up a point of the article, not just supplying a profile.

  2. crstroh

    I like that you highlighted a this game, because it really was a huge game in the Big Ten. And, like Jake said, it was good to analyze the QBs–especially since that’s been a big story in the conference.
    When you say “statistically even match up” right after putting records that aren’t similar at all, it’s confusing to the reader. Put a little more context there or link it to something that shows what you are trying to say! Also, try not to use “some might consider” but rather find another article that references Ohio State’s schedule being weak and attribute it.
    I really like that you included PSU was coming off a big win, because momentum does play a big role in football (unfortunately for Penn State, it didn’t have much of an effect).

  3. jleber10

    Pretty standard game preview. I like how you compare the two quarterbacks statistically. They are the two most important players in the game, so its nice to see how they match-up. Here are my comments:
    1. The links do not further the analysis. I would look to link pages with more content or a different angle (maybe another blog post, a second-day column, etc.) I think there is room for linking to more straightforward pages (linking to a player’s page can make it easy for the readers to look up his/her stats) but you need more analysis.
    2. You mention that Ohio State has overcome some issues within the team….but you don’t give any examples. Do you just mean Miller and Guiton? Hyde’s arrest? Or is there some other conflict that is going on in the locker room? You tease the reader without providing an answer.


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