Bahamas Bowl 2014

Football in a tropical destination! What could be better? In 2014, the Bahamas Bowl will be introduced into the bowl line up. This will be the only bowl game held outside of the United States.

The Bahamas Bowl will be played at a stadium that can be stretched to hold up to 30,000 people but normally only holds 15,000. The five commissioners, from conference USA, the Mid-American Conference, Mountain West Conference, the Sunbelt Conference, and a representative from the American Athletic Conference were present on Monday October 14 for the public announcement.

In particular, for the Mountain West Conference, this is a big deal. Bowl games are always fun and exciting because the teams that go to these various bowls get the opportunity to play all over in stadiums foreign to them against teams that they rarely play in the regular season. Each team that makes it to a bowl game realizes what a treat it is to travel and enjoy the different experience. Conference USA Commissioner Britton Banowsky says, “As we have learned with our other bowls, student-athletes, coaches and fans get excited about a great destination. It’s hard to imagine a better destination than this wonderful country for a bowl game.” We are thankful for the support of The Bahamas Minister of Tourism and Lea Miller in providing not only a great venue, but a fantastic opportunity to showcase the hard work and dedication of our teams.”

For conferences like Mountain West, this bowl is a big deal because these teams get the chance to play for one more thing, a bowl game in the Bahamas. Fans love to travel to these bowl games and cheer on their teams and what better place for a bowl game than the Bahamas?


2 thoughts on “Bahamas Bowl 2014

  1. mariyalewter

    I think it’s great that we’ll be having a bowl game in the Bahamas. Having one outside of the U.S. is a pretty big deal. I think you should explain why exactly it’s important to the Mountain West, but other than that, great post.

  2. Maria Torres

    This is definitely an important topic to bring up for the reasons you brought up — first bowl outside the US, the collaboration of the different commissioners, the opportunity to play in “foreign” stadiums. But why is it important to the MWC? A little more analysis could have made this post better.


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