Hope with the Giants

Don’t count the New York Giants out just yet.  The team that started 0-6 (and I’ll admit, looked quite terrible) picked up win number one this past Monday night defeating the Minnesota Vikings 23-7. Now I know starting 1-6 is not ideal by any means, but if there was an NFL team out there that could mount a mid-season turnaround and by the slimmest chance make the playoffs, it’s the New York Giants.

Heck, their 2007 and 2011 Lombardi trophies came as a surprise to many, as those teams were playoff wannabe’s with minimal weeks left in the regular season, but somehow found a way to reach the playoffs.  In 2007, the Giants lost the final game of the regular season to the team they’d eventually meet in the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots.  They managed to snag the fifth seed as a wild card team in the playoffs and won win three road playoff games before accomplishing revenge on Tom Brady and company.  In 2011, it came down to a week 17 matchup with the rival Dallas Cowboys for who would take the NFC East, and New York won.  Of course, we all know they went on to beat poor Tom again.

In both those seasons, the Giants had some really promising times but also some pretty dismal games.  The two constants that remained through it all, Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning.

The coach always seems to have a grasp of his teams and where they stand at each point during the season.

And with Peyton having the type of historic season he’s having, it’s easy for us to write off the little brother, Eli.  But let’s not forget, the two-time Super Bowl champion has risen from the ashes before to lead his team back.  The guy has some serious mojo that always seems to glow in the biggest moments.

Like, I said before, 1-6 is not where you want to be.  But if you have Coughlin and Manning together, the New York Giants will always be a contender in my mind.


One thought on “Hope with the Giants

  1. cpace2016

    Many pieces of this border on opinion. That being said, I like your incorporation of the historical element of the Giants’ last two Super Bowls. I will say that calling 1-6 (with your only win against a Josh-Freeman-led Vikings team) isn’t exactly hope, and they’d essentially have to win out in order to make the playoffs.


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