Texans Second Day Story

In this second day story, ESPN.com’s Jeffrey Chadiha calls out Houston Texans fans for turning on their quarterback during his current slump. This second day story came out after Texans fans celebrated Matt Schaub’s ankle injury in the 38-13 loss to the St. Louis Rams two Sundays ago. He reminds fans that Schaub is a great quarterback just going through a rough time and to remember all that he’s done for them. I like that he also compares them against New York Giants fans who continue to support Eli Manning despite the fact that he’s thrown a league-high 15 interceptions through six games. The thing that I like most is the relevance behind this article. He took a memorable moment that really didn’t have an impact on the game itself and challenged fans to reconsider their character.

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Ever since I was in 6th grade I've aspired to become a sports journalist. I'm currently in college studying Journalism with an emphasis in Magazines. I love personal interest stories. I have a passion for finding out interesting things about entertainers/athletes and things that make them tick and sharing those interesting stories about them to the world. I root for athletes & stories more than teams. I also love music and feel that it complements my life. I create soundtracks for different times of my life and I highly respect artists and their creative processes. Interviews are my passion and I look to conduct several of them over the course of my life. My dream job is to be a publicist for athletes and entertainers because I love and respect them so much that I want everyone else to see them and love them the same way that I do.

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