Tables Turn for Cardinals as Knights Take Control of the Big East

Tables Turn for Cardinals as Knights Take Control of the Big East

By Elizabeth Grimsley

When looking at the Louisville Cardinals’ schedule before the season began, it was thought that the team had one of the best chances in college football to go undefeated. With opponents like University of Central Florida and Eastern Kentucky as opponents, it looked like smooth sailing for the Cardinals to make their way to another top bowl game.

However, that all changed Friday night when unranked Central Florida upset the No. 8 Cardinals 38-35 on Louisville’s home turf.

Everything was going as planned for Louisville at the half as they were leading the game by 21 points. But it all came down to quarterback Blake Bortles who managed an 11-play, 75-yard drive that put the Knights on top with only 23 seconds for the Cardinals to respond.

The win didn’t come out of nowhere, though, and Central Florida can’t be called a complete surprise. Just three weeks ago, the Knights came a mere three points away from stunning the then-No. 13 South Carolina team by capitalizing on the Gamecocks’ mistakes. The Knights continued the same approach in Friday night’s game where they capitalized on a Louisville fumble that was recovered by Central Florida on the Cardinals’ 15.

Now the tables seem to have turned, and it’s the Knights that have found their way into the rankings at No. 21 — while the Cardinals dropped to No. 18 — with a chance at not only a good bowl game but also the Big East title as they lead the conference alongside Houston and South Florida.

Central Florida still has five conference games remaining with games against both co-leaders still on tap, so there’s plenty of time to either continue to dominate or let the lead slip form its grasp. The coming weeks will be important for all of the teams in the running for not only the title but for moving up in the overall national rankings as well.


One thought on “Tables Turn for Cardinals as Knights Take Control of the Big East

  1. salack1027

    This blog post is good but I believe there are some minor things that need to be fixed. The post flows well but at some points it reads awkwardly. Also there are some sentences that seem trite. I think it would have been nice if you included how the game affected Teddy Bridgewater’s Heisman Trophy hopes as well, but it wasn’t necessary because you do a good job of looking ahead for UCF. Overall, I think your conclusion is well put together and I like the hyperlinks that you included.


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