Second Day Story Exercise

One second day story from the Pac-12 I particularly enjoyed this weekend was this column from Tim Kawakami about the impact of the catch made by Kodi Whitfield in Stanford’s victory over UCLA. This column was a great example of a second day story. Rather than lead with the implications the victory for Stanford had in returning to the Rose Bowl, Kawakami showcased the fantastic catch made by Whitfield, how important it was for his confidence and how his father reacted before slowly including the bigger picture. I appreciate the stance Kawakami took in this story, as the focus wasn’t so much on the catch itself, but the circumstances and the aftermath. It would have been an easy trap to fixate on the occurrence, but Kawakami explained the bigger picture, which I thought was a nice touch. Finally, the way that the column ended, both hinting at the family dynamic that Kodi and Bob Whitfield have and the future use of the underutilized Whitfield, reminded me that college football is still played by kids, which seemed to be the overarching theme of the article – it was a great moment for a young kid that he will remember his whole life.


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