Second Day Story: ACC

For those who watch Florida State’s domination of Clemson in Death Valley Saturday night, one obvious second day angle may be the BCS Championship implications the win has for FSU, and more specifically, what it could all mean for the individual success of red shirt freshman quarterback Jameis Winston. What I liked about this second day story is that it discussed the chances that Winston be nominated for, and win, the Heisman Trophy come December. But instead of just providing opinion and insight, this article took the statistics of former Heisman winner Johnny Manziel and compared them to Winston’s statistics from the games he has played thus far for the Seminoles–only six games total. The results are remarkable, and help boil down pages of rhetoric to a few numbers that all but hand Winston the trophy if the ceremony were to be held at this very moment in the season. There is still half a season worth of games to be played, but if this story doesn’t provide an ample amount of evidence in favor of a Heisman nod for Winston, it does prove that the Noles would be a very different team without their standout quarterback.


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