Ohio State/Miami Herald Second Day Story

As Ohio State continued their winning streak with a 32-24 win over Iowa on Saturday, several implications needed to be addressed–mostly coming from the crazy nature of college football this weekend in general. While this story may not be considered traditional “second day story” form, I like that it touched several area’s of interest: the targeting ejection, the AP standings, and what’s ahead for OSU. I wish the score of the game had been put higher in this, but nonetheless, I think this did a good job of taking several key aspects of the game and laying them out for the reader.

A more story-ish piece that I really liked coming out of Big Ten reporting this week focused on Michigan’s win over Indiana. Although this was a gamer/second-day story blend, Mark Snyder’s angle and lede really stood out to me and had personality. He highlighted the records set during the game yet went beyond the play-by-play and numbers to create a more interesting piece.


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