Northern Illinois’ BCS Chances- Second-Day Story

Even though this story was written by a Northern Illinois fan (or at least I am assuming that is the case by his name on the website), I think the story is a great second-day story angle following Northern Illinois winning again this weekend.  The Huskies crashed the BCS last year, but what will it take for them to do it again this year?

There are three main facets of the article I enjoy.  First, I think he/she does a good job of mixing straight numbers in addition to analysis.  The writer validates his/her projections through an explanation of the numbers, which leads to my second point.  He/she explains the rules for a non-automatic conference team to make the BCS.  This means the writer is catering to all audiences; even though a majority of the readers will probably already know the scenario, the writer still makes sure that anyone with an interest in the Huskies understands their chances.  Thirdly, the article is very fresh and relevant with the first BCS standings being released this evening.  Northern Illinois is currently 18th in the BCS standings, one back of Fresno State and two back of the minimum requirement to gain a non-AQ bid.

The story then serves as both a second-day story after Northern Illinois’ win on Saturday over Central Michigan, and also an advance of the release of the first BCS standings.


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