Washington Focuses on Oregon Amid Controversy

The No. 2 Oregon Ducks (5-0, 2-0) travel to Seattle, Washington to square off with the No. 16 Washington Huskies (4-1, 1-1) in a PAC-12 showdown. The Ducks first five opponents have a combined record of 11-14 this season. The Huskies will be the first top-25 team the Ducks have faced this season. Fresh from a last-minute defeat to Stanford, Washington looks for a statement win against Oregon on Saturday.

However, distractions loom over this showdown. Earlier in the week, Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian made comments that Stanford players faked injuries to slow Washington’s tempo on offense last week. Stanford head coach David Shaw responded quickly. “We don’t fake injuries. We never have and we never will,” Shaw said Tuesday. “And I don’t care what Steve Sarkisian thinks that he saw.”

Since then, Sarkisian has moved his sole focus to the Ducks. “I saw what I saw,” Sarkisian quickly moved on to, “I’m done with the subject.”

“We all are aware this is a tremendous rivalry in college football and has been for a long time,” Washington coach Steve Sarkisian said. “We’re excited to be part of it. That’s what makes college football special.”

On paper, the match-up could bring forth a very interesting game. Oregon and Washington both have top-25 passing attacks and top-15 rushing attacks. Oregon averages 59.2 points per game while only giving up 11.8 points per game, both of which are rank second in the nation.

Sarkisian and the Huskies know that it is impossible to stop the Ducks. Sarkisian and his staff look to coral the up-tempo offense of the Ducks, and they hope the Washington home-field advantage could help. Sarkisian looks forward to the challenge,  “I think our guys are going to be prepared for whatever this game presents us.”

The Huskies will look to rebound against the Ducks Saturday at 4;30pm in Husky Stadium in Seattle, Washington on the FOX Sports 1 Network.


3 thoughts on “Washington Focuses on Oregon Amid Controversy

  1. nickvsuss

    I think this post provided a good recap of what has happened with both of the teams so far this season, but I think the lede came off a little bit abrupt. It works sometimes to start off with all of the background information, but I would’ve buried the info from the beginning in the second, third or fourth graph. Otherwise, everything else was intriguing and poignant.

  2. catrinar31

    I like the writing you did, but I would definitely put the records later in the paragraph because it makes things seem a little cluttered. I would space out my quotes rather than have two from the same person back to back.

  3. laurenamayosports

    Good job proving your statement about the matchup being interesting with a variety of pertinent statistics. I like how you moved form the controversy to Washington looking forward to Oregon. Double check for punctuation errors.


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