Taking the loss hard, Washington accuses Stanford of faking injuries

Stanford’s three-point win over Washington on Saturday night did not go into overtime but it’s has been short lived after an accusation from Washington.

Washington Coach Steve Sarkisian accused Stanford players of faking injuries in an attempt to slow down the Huskies’s new up-tempo offense. It was suggested that Randy Hart, a Stanford assistant who used to work with Washington, was behind the idea.

We don’t fake injuries. We never have and we never will. I don’t condone it, we don’t teach it, I don’t allow it,” informed head Coach David Shaw. “I don’t care what Steve Sarkisiain thinks that he saw. We’ve never done it. We didn’t do it against Oregon. So why in the world would we do it against Washington?”

The two players accused of faking injuries, linebacker Shayne Skov and defensive end Ben Gardner, had legitimate injuries that required treatment after the game. Skov had an MRI on his knee.

Both Skov and Gardner after the game stated on Twitter that they didn’t fake an injury. The players also tweeted that Hart never instructed any Cardinal to take a fall.

The main fact is the officials cannot and should not be asked to figure out if an injury is real or fake.  For teams faking injuries, little can be done about this strategy, but they could require injured players to sit out for a specific number of plays that game.

As for Stanford, the question still rises on Skov and Gardner’s quick return to the game. Did they actually fake the injuries or played through the pain? This may still keep some suspicion in Washington’s mind since it was a close game.


3 thoughts on “Taking the loss hard, Washington accuses Stanford of faking injuries

  1. salack1027

    The topic of faking injuries has been a major issue in football at all levels recently. Especially in college, teams have accused their opponents who run high tempo offenses. It’s interesting to note that these accusation are targeted towards defensive players and not offensive players. I like how you include your own opinion to the post. My only suggestion would be to add an example of this happening in another game. However, I think this is a well written piece as a whole and covers a game that had significant late season implications.

  2. laurenamayosports

    I really like your first sentence. It gives a clear focus of what your blog will discuss. Be sure to include the team’s names and mascots and records early in the post. Also, with such a controversial topic, it is important to watch word choice. By calling the “injuries” legitimate, one could read that as a question of the Washington’s coach integrity. Overall really great job, good read, and strong writing.


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