Miami Hurricanes Here to Play

Even with a rocky start on Saturday against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, No. 14 Miami Hurricanes were able to blaze past them to a 45-30 victory. After the first quarter being down 17-7, the largest point deficit in nearly a full year, the Hurricanes were able to tie the game up 17-17 going into halftime.

Miami coach Al Golden was quoted in The Roanoke Times saying, “You really don’t have any leadership until you have a bead of sweat and the crap hits the fan.” Miami came out after halftime and gave it all to Georgia Tech outscoring them 28-13. Miami was able to finish the game with 335 total yards rushing.

Many of Miami’s players stepped up during this game. Quarterback Stephen Morris played one of his best games this season by completing 17 of 22 passes for 324 yards, also having three touchdowns and two interceptions. Along with Morris running back Duke Johnson  added 184 yards. Defensive back Ladarius Gunter was one of the two Miami players named for the ACC Football Players of the Week.  Gunter recorded seven tackles and a 30-yard interception return for a touchdown that helped Miami seal their victory.

The question is will Miami be able to keep up an undefeated season? Miami still has many ACC contenders this season that could put up a good fight. The main game to focus on will be the matchup between Miami and Florida State (who is currently ranked No. 6) on November 2.


4 thoughts on “Miami Hurricanes Here to Play

  1. tanyasic

    This read more like a gamer than a piece with a unique spin given certain information. I think there was a lot more you could have done, like maybe beginning with your closing paragraph instead, using the game against Tech as some of your evidence, and then trying to answer the question based on the evidence. When you leave an open ended question like that at the end of an article, it tends to leave readers wondering why they even bothered to read the article to begin with. Always try to provide something readers can’t find elsewhere!

  2. Benjamin Wolk

    Very well put together. Like I mentioned on Connor Riley’s post about Virginia Tech, I would speak a little about the game this weekend between Florida State and Clemson. This matchup has such huge conference title implications that teams like Miami and Virginia Tech must stay focused on that game. With that said, you do a good job on breaking down the Hurricanes future schedule.

  3. Kristin Hiller

    This was well written, but I feel like you didn’t provide us with much insight. It was more just a recap of the game. Finally at the end, you dabble into some analysis but it doesn’t really amount to much. So just try to seek out an angle or ask yourself what the impact is. Also, there are a couple cliches in here. I like in your second sentence how you provide the context that this was the largest point deficit in almost a year.

  4. connorriley

    Based on the title I would have focused more on how the Hurricanes have played throughout the season, instead of just one game. I also would have done a better job with the quote. While it is good that you put the quote in there, I feel like you could have elaborated on it a little more or put it in better context. Lastly, and this is more of a personal opinion, I would say that the most important game on Miami’s schedule would be the Virginia Tech game, as it is an inter-divisional game and while probably determine who goes to Charlotte for the ACC championship game. But it was a good post. I liked how you gave some spotlight to players other than Stephen Morris, who are not as well known by the national media


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