Hokies control road to Charoltte

After struggling to start the season, losing to Alabama 35-10 and needing triple overtime to beat Marshall, it appears the Virgina Tech Hokies are showing that they are more than capable of not only winning the ACC Coastal division, but the ACC as a whole.

The Hokies have won their first two ACC games, beating Georgia Tech on the road on a Thursday night 17-10, and then beating North Carolina at home this weekend 27-17. The Hokies get a break in the schedule by not having to face either No. 3 Clemson or No. 6 Florida State. The toughest game remaining on their schedule is a November 9th game at No. 15 Miami(FL), with the winner all but guaranteed a trip to the ACC championship game in Charlotte.

Unlike many other teams in the ACC ,and FBS, the Hokies have been getting it done all season with their defense. The Hokies rank fifth in the FBS in total defense, 12th in points allowed and third in turnovers forced. They also held No. 1 Alabama to their lowest yardage total of the season, while also only giving up 14 points to the offense(The Crimson Tide returned a kick,punt, and interception for touchdowns, making the score more lopsided.)

What will determine the success of the Hokies’ season is the play of their fifth-year senior quarterback Logan Thomas. After going 5 for 29 with 59 yards and an interception against Alabama in the first game of the season, Thomas has improved as the season has progressed. Against North Carolina, Thomas was 19 for 28 with 293 yards, 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. It was Thomas’ second career 3 touchdown game, the first coming against Miami(FL) in 2011, according to NFL.com’s Mike Huguenin.

With a favorable schedule, an improving Logan Thomas and one of the best defenses in the FBS the Hokies have an excellent chance to play for their 5th ACC Championship.




4 thoughts on “Hokies control road to Charoltte

  1. tanyasic

    I agree with Kristin. I think your opening paragraph completely contradicts what you lay out in your body graphs. The way you phrased it, if you’re not a die hard Hokies follower you’d think the article was setting them up for a season of failure. The loss and triple OT are both important to include, but based on your topic I don’t think you chose the best lead.

  2. Benjamin Wolk

    Good post to point out that a team that was thrown out of consideration early in the season is showing some progress as the season advances. I think you somewhat slow your objective, however, by bogging down the first paragraph with the opening losses. Talk about VT’s recent success, and then dive into the team’s early-season struggles. Be mindful of AP style. Perhaps tie in the Clemson/Florida State game this weekend to show the soon-to-be shift at the top of the conference.

  3. Kristin Hiller

    I have an issue with your opening paragraph. Your point is that the Hokies are doing well and capable of winning the championship, but nothing supports that in your opening. I think the first sentence of your second paragraph needs to be up top with your opener. It’s good how you include that the Hokies don’t have to play Clemson or Florida State as context. But honestly it’s hard to believe that any team besides Clemson and Florida State would be in the championship game.

  4. Savannah Brock

    I liked the topic you chose because people do forget about the Hokies and the other half of the ACC. The only thing I would have liked to read more about was Logan Thomas. I feel that he is a big part of the Hokies team and maybe you could have thought about using this same story, but by the perspective on him leading the team to Charlotte as a fifth year senior.


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