Government Shut down threatens Service Academy Football

The government shutdown has caused chaos and outrage in more than just one way. Thankfully, the government does not fund the United States Naval, Army, and Air Force academies’ football games.  What this means is that through the government shut down, certain teams from these academies were unable to travel and compete due to the government shutdown but the football teams were able to compete and travel because the government is not in control of the funding for football.

The Washington Post article, Army, Navy, Air Force get the go-ahead to play football this weekend, despite shutdown says, “Service academy football games are paid for with non-appropriated funds and have been long planned. Such funds generally come from outside sources and are not approved through Congress.”

At the United States Naval Academy, football games usually bring in about $4 million. This large chunk of change funds the Naval Academies other 32 sports teams. The Naval Academy is to align with the Big East Conference in 2015, after being independent for 100 years. All other sports will remain independent, however.

Notre Dame is set to play Air Force on October 26th and Brian Kelly has been assured that this should not be a problem considering the fighting Irish are the ones that will be traveling. The Navy game is more of a concern when it comes to being cancelled.

The games that were in jeopardy were Army at Boston College and Air Force at Navy.  An article on ESPN states,” There are differences in how each academy funds their athletics programs,” Urban told Mark Schlabach of “One academy can pay for its entire program through non-appropriated funds. Others do not have that setup.”

These games were played and Boston College beat Army 48-27. Navy beat Air Force 28-10.

The most important take away from these threats of these games being canceled is that the government shutdown affects the American society in many ways. Sports are a large part of the American society and when that is threatened to be postponed, it becomes a huge issue for many people.


2 thoughts on “Government Shut down threatens Service Academy Football

  1. Maria Torres

    This is a great story to pursue because of the government shutdown angle. Talking about the funding of the football programs at the service academies is key to understanding why those teams continued to play their last few games.

    Careful not to be too repetitive. Also watch out for transitions. Some of your lines don’t flow and are in danger of seeming like they’re out of context, so focus your grafs some more.

  2. mariyalewter

    I liked this article a lot because it tied sports with a very serious issue in America. It reminded everyone that the shutdown really does affect everyone in ways you wouldn’t normally think of.


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