Fate of the Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars (0-5) are sitting last in the AFC South standings.  They’re also last in the league averaging with only 10.2 points and 251.8 yards per game out of 32 teams.  Every team’s goal is to be holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy in February as the new SuperBowl champion and a 0-5 start just isn’t the ideal start to the season to reach that goal.

To add to the 5-game losing streak, the Jaguars placed a few players on the IR list after Sunday’s 34-20 loss against the St. Louis Rams.  The No. 2 overall draft pick from last year, OT Luke Joeckel, is out for the season with a broken ankle he inquired Sunday.  Also added onto the IR is starting quarterback, Blaine Gabbert, with a hamstring injury.  Safety Dwight Lowery and tight end Allen Reisner will also sit out Sunday with a concussion and a sprained MCL, respectively.

Chad Henne is to start in place of Gabbert this weekend against the undefeated Broncos (5-0), but Henne being on the field is not new-news for the Jaguars.  The two quarterbacks have been  dueling out this season, Henne appearing in four games while starting in two and Gabbert with three starts in three appearances.  Henne playing in this weekend’s game may be the better choice of the Jaguars, Henne being 53-95 for 601 yards with pairs of touchdowns and interceptions with one fumble.  While that may not be ideal stats for a quarterback, it’s better than Gabbert‘s 42-86 for 481 yards with one touchdown, seven interceptions and two fumbles.

Chad Henne will have to prove himself not only against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, but against Gabbert for his return in hopes of keeping Jacksonville’s season in light.


2 thoughts on “Fate of the Jacksonville Jaguars

  1. Miss__Melanie

    Nice job, Jamie. The only suggestion I would offer is to possibly give some sort of outlook for the rest of the Jaguars’ season since your title is about their fate. The end of the post focuses solely on the quarterbacks instead of the team as a whole. I also found a few style errors. In the first paragraph I think you made a typo when saying “averaging with only” instead of just “averaging only”. In the second paragraph, you should spell out “5”. In the same paragraph, “inquired” should be “acquired”. Finally, “new-news” in the last paragraph is a little awkward. I would avoid this by rewording the sentence.

  2. Ben Bolton

    I thought it was a very good factual blog. I like the fact that you went through the injury list. The only mistakes I found were that Super Bowl is two words and you didn’t need to hyperlink Henne twice. Other than that I thought it was solid.


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